GL Optic calibration and research laboratory test and measurement services

GL Optic created Calibration and Research Laboratory of Optical Radiation CARLO

CARLO – Center of Excellence with the Black Body Radiator

2 years of research, testing and improvement of devices and systems have resulted in the creation of new calibration and measurement facilities. CARLO (Calibration and Research Laboratory of Optical Radiation) is the only laboratory in Central and Eastern Europe equipped with the primary radiation standard – the Black Body Radiator. The Black Body core is made of graphite composite which is heated up with electrical heaters and the material changes the color of emitted light predictably with temperature change. It is a physical realization of Max Planks’s mathematical model of the black body locus. The Black Body radiator together with automatic optical comparator and double monochromator constitutes the realization of spectral irradiance standard. It is used for manufacturing optical radiation standards in the spectral range of 200-2400 nm. On demand, it can also be used for spectroradiometer spectral calibration.

Calibrations of spectroradiometric instruments

Our unique expertise and calibration facilities allow for accurate spectral calibrations starting from the ultraviolet UV-C 200 – 280 nm, UV- B 280 – 315 nm to UV-A 315 – 380 nm ranges. For specific instrumentation, we can offer extended NIR calibrations starting from 780-2400nm. Calibrations are performed on specialized facilities dedicated for different stages.

Photometric and radiometric measurements

At CARLO we are able to measure, among  other large LED luminaires or modules for luminous flux, radiant power, efficacy, color and flicker. The most common are photometrical measurements with a goniospectroradiometer or integrating sphere system.

CARLO offers UV-C lamps testing

It is scientifically proven that UV-C radiation effectively removes viruses but it must meet certain conditions. Performance testing of UV LED lamps, with our goniospectroradiometer measuring system, enables proper disinfection process. The results can be presented in a Radiant Intesity Diagram (RID) , UV Irradiance and UV Radiant Flux measurements.

Low uncertainty and traceability are the key values

Black Body Radiator is a type of reference standard found only in the leading National Metrology  Institutes (NMIs) in the world, such as NIST, PTB, NPL or VNIIOFI. Consistency of the results obtained in CARLO is confirmed by comparative studies with VNIIOFI Institute. The GL Optic Absolute Spectral Calibration is VNIIOFI, NIST and PTB traceable.