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Accurate. Reliable. Practical.
High performance light measurement products designed for everyday applications.

Light Measurement Simplified

At GL Optic, we understand light measurement challenges because we come from the technical lighting industry. We know that for an instrument to produce dependable light measurement results, its precision is as critical as its reliability. But it doesn’t stop there. Practical, high value solutions are needed to bridge the gap between reference labs and real world challenges.

For over 40 years our parent company JUST Normlicht has been a leading supplier of standardized light solutions. As an expert in the lighting industry, we have managed to combine German know-how with a fresh and innovative approach to spectral light measurement.

Fast and Precise Results

Accurate light measurement data is no longer exclusive to experts – our individually calibrated measurement tools deliver fast and precise results, with intuitive and easy to navigate software. All traceable to National Laboratory sources and best practices.

Complete Light Measurement Solutions

We provide complete light measurement solutions that deliver the results you need rather than managing a set of individual components on your own. Our commitment is to deliver fully integrated color and spectral measurement tools that will help companies develop higher quality products, faster.


Spectrometer is an essential tool in every quality control and research and development departments of lighting manufacturers companies.  It enables measuring basic quantities, such as light intensity (illuminance), luminous flux and color temperature and is neccesary to prepare detailed spectral analysis.


Integrating sphere is indispensable when it comes to measuring the luminous flux.  The range of our interating spheres will meet the needs of professional laboratories and lighting manufacturers as well. They are easy to operate and flexible for adaptation to individual consumer needs.


Goniometers are used to determine the light distribution curves. They are designed to rotate the luminaire to collect data, using photometers and spectrometers, on which direction the light from the luminaire falls.


Luminance meters measure one of most important quantity in lighting design and a key measure in road design and architectural illumination. They enable, in very short time to obtain  a complete image showing the distribution of luminance, from which selected points can be analyzed individually.