Comprehensive support in registering lighting products in the EPREL system

EPREL database software add-on ecoproject for lighting

ECODESIGN requirements for lighting

Directive 2009/125/EC (also known as ECODESIGN) introduced by the European Union in 2019, has imposed on manufacturers and importers of lighting products a number of requirements that must be met by products placed on the EU market. The main goal of the project is to reduce the presence of poor quality products available in the EU.
In order to introduce a new product for sale, it must be registered in the EPREL database. A corresponding energy efficiency label is generated, which must be included on the packaging and clearly displayed to the customer.

Easier entry of products into the EPREL database

The EPREL database has been operating for several years, but there are still problems with product registration. In order to register a product, the necessary tests must be carried out and the results imported in a strictly defined format in an .xml file. In its current form, operating the EPREL database and entering data into it is time-consuming and not very intuitive.
To meet the needs of manufacturers and importers of lighting, we have created an add-on to the GL SPECTROSOFT software that will speed up the process of introducing products to sale. GL EPREL ADD-ON will automatically save the measurement results in the correct format and allow export to a file ready for import into the EPREL database. Save your time and equip your laboratory with the EPREL add-on.

Measurements in accordance with the requirements European standards

The add-on to the GL SPECTROSOFT software has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the EU Directive 2019/125/EC. The program automatically calculates the values of all the necessary parameters needed to register the product in the EPREL database and saves all data in the form of a proper report in the .xml format.

Import to EPREL as easy as never before

So far, the product registration process in the EPREL database required tedious and complicated manual work. With EPREL Product Registration ADD-ON, one click is all it takes to generate a complete report ready for import into the EPREL database. You are literally just a few minutes away from registering your product in the EPREL database. 

Define, measure, save, import and done.

Compatible with existing GL OPTIC systems

Laboratories equipped with GL OPTIC measurement systems and wishing to use the GL EPREL Product Registration ADD-ON add-on can easily adapt their test stands to fully ECODESIGN compliant measurements. Equip your laboratory with the necessary measurement devices and enjoy the possibilities offered by the EPREL ADD-ON add-on.

A guide in the process of registering light sources in the EPREL database

The GL EPREL Product Registration ADD-ON program is very intuitive. It guides the user step by step through the process of generating a complete report with the measurement results saved in the form of a compressed .zip archive.
The use of the add-on does not require specialist knowledge. The whole process boils down to filling out a form with technical parameters for the tested source, which should be entered in accordance with ECODESIGN requirements. Measurements and other calculations are performed by the program to generate a ready-to-save report.

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