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GL Spectrolux spectral distribution meter

Handheld spectral light meter

LED and other lighting technologies require fast, accurate measurements that many light meters simply can’t achieve. As a leader in professional light measurement test devices, we designed the GL SPECTROLUX as easy-to-use, affordable spectrometer for every lighting professional.
Based on our popular GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch, this simplified model is ideal for immediate measurement of illumination level & homogeneity, Color Temperature and coordinates, Spectral Power Distribution, LED color rendering, PAR/PPFD and more. Each device is individually calibrated and traceable to international reference standards and equipped with a laboratory grade measurement head for superior accuracy and repeatability that sets new price and performance standards for the industry.

Easy lighting audits

Use this spectral device for on-site measurement of the existing or new lighting installations and prove the compliance of the installation with designs’ specific requirements.

Quality lighting products

Get control of your lighting products and components quality. Use this device to check components like LEDs, drivers or lenses when you buy. Why not using this device as a sales tool to show the advantages of your products when you present them to clients or end-users?

Simple evaluation and adjustment

If you are setting stage lighting for an accurate CCT/CRI of museum and studio lights to proper lux levels, this device makes it easy to analyze and adjust lighting parameters. There is a useful uniformity testing option available on board the handheld meter for convenience.


This handheld affordable spectrometer can be used to evaluate lighting installations, quick control of LED lamps and luminaires or even to support application and sales engineers to quantitatively highlight the advantages of modern lighting systems to customers. Finally, it can also be used for competitive insights by evaluating competitors’ products and installations.

Results at the touch of a button

Modern electronics and efficient design yield highly accurate results in seconds… every time. All important metrics are displayed instantly on the LED display, allowing you to make better assessments, faster.

Affordable spectrometer - low price, high performance

Even though this is GL’s most budget instrument, it has industry best DIN Class B cosine corrected measurement head as a standard accessory allowing for optimal measurement of light from the 180° measurement condition, according to Lambert’s Cosine Law.

Built to last

Despite its attractive price, GL SPECTROLUX illuminance light meter does not sacrifice quality of materials. Designed and manufactured in Europe, these solidly constructed devices are in a class of their own and ready for the rigors of field audits.


Reliable, precise and intuitively operated spectral instrument

GL SPECTROLUX spectral light meter delivers reliable and accurate optical performance with a budget friendly price. Dependable light measurement is no longer restricted to only experts or external laboratories. Our preconfigured, individually calibrated light measurement instruments deliver fast and precise results.

Class leading features:

  • Self contained handheld spectrometer
  • Dark current compensation
  • DIN Class B measurement head
  • Photometric and radiometric calibration

Powerful reporting and analysis capability

The included GL SPECTROSOFT Connect software enables basic analysis and reporting capabilities that deliver the results that matter. Take your analysis to new heights by upgrading to our industry leading GL SPECTROSOFT software. This flexible, easy-to-use tool offers completely custom reporting options, extended analysis capabilities, and unique tools like Lighting Audit Automation and Spectrum mixer.


The GL SPECTROLUX allows you to measure:

  • LUX – Illumination level lux [lx]
  • foot candles [fc]
  • SPD – Spectral Power Distribution from 380 -780 nm
  • CRI – Color rendering index according to CIE – and IES TM30
  • CCT – Correlated Color Temperature [K]
  • COLOR – Color coordinates according to CIE 1931
  • PAR/ PPFD – Calculations of photon flux density and photosynthetically active radiation [µmol]

GL SPECTROLUX Specifications

Natural light, LEDs, halogen light, etc.
Illuminance [lx]*10 – 100 000 lx (for white LED)
Irradiance [W/m2]0.03 – 600 W/m² (for white LED)
Illuminance classClass B – DIN 5032-7
Tolerance – cosine response (f2‘)< 3%
Luminous intensity [cd]Calculated in SPECTROSOFT
Spectral range340 – 780 nm (UVa – VIS)
CRI – Color rendering index according to CIERa, R1 – R15
CCT – Correlated color temperature according to CIE 13.3
Color peak
Color dominantoptional with GL SPECTROSOFT
Color position coordinates [x,y] according to CIE 1931
Color position coordinates [u‘,v‘] according to CIE 1976
Color position coordinates [u, v] according to CIE 1960
Color coordinate erroroptional with GL SPECTROSOFT
Metameric indexoptional with GL SPECTROSOFT
Binningoptional with GL SPECTROSOFT
Assessment in accordance with ISO 3664optional with GL SPECTROSOFT
Sensor typeBack thinned CCD
Number of pixels256
Physical resolution / datapoint interval~ 1.7 nm
Wavelength reproducibility0.5 nm
Integration time5 ms – 10 s
A/D converter16 bit
Signal-to-noise ratio1000:1
Stray light2*10 E-3
Optical resolution / FWHM10nm
Radiometric accuracy**5% within range 340 – 500 nm
4% within range 500 – 780 nm
Flicker compensation
Temperature sensor and dark current compensation
Uncertainty of color coordinates**0.0015
Operating SystemLinux
Power supply via USB connector< 640 mA
Power adapterPower supply unit 100…240 V (50/60 Hz) 0.15 A
Battery / Power packLi-ion battery 1350 mAh
Automatic shut-off
Battery life< 6 h
Operating temperature5 – 35°C
Dimensions [H x W x D]155 mm x 72 mm x 25.3 mm (with standard diffusor)
Weight221 g
Tripod adapter
Measurement result storageAuto / Internal memory
Data formatXML
Display2.8“ color LCD (240 x 320 px)
OperationMembrane buttons, PC / Notebook
SoftwareOptional GL SPECTROSOFT Basic / Pro / Lab
USB cable
USB cable
Power supply
Display protection foil
* Dynamic range is spectrum related and should be calculated separately for any light source. Estimated dynamic range for typical 4000 K white LED. Range estimated for optical system made to default specification. Alterations of that are often possible. Please consult technical support if you are looking for specific parameters.
** Absolute measurement uncertainty immediately after calibration. The expanded uncertainty corresponds to a coverage probability of 95% and the coverage factor k = 2. Parameters valid in laboratory conditions 25°C, relative humidity 45%.
Note: Instrument, firmware and software specification are subject to change without prior notice. All information included in GL OPTIC datasheets and product information available in any form are carefully prepared and included information believed to be true. Please note that discrepancies may occur due to text and/or other errors or changes in the available technology. We advise to contact GL Optic before the use of the product to obtain the latest product specification.
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