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Unlike mass produced devices, GL instruments are individually calibrated for the end user allowing for accurate and dependable results and helping to make the right product quality decisions.
The factory calibration is traceable to the international standards. GL Optic’s new Calibration and Research Laboratory of Optical Radiation is equipped with the Black Body (BB) radiator, the first primary calibration standard source in Central Europe ensuring the highest accuracy.
Our new Photometric Laboratory offers optical measurement services in an extended spectral range from UV – VIS to NIR.

Support beyond limits

Online and Onsite support services and trainings are available on demand. We have world wide experience in simplifying professional light measurements to improve the quality of different lighting products. GL Optic provides consultations, modifies or customizes solutions and supports customers in developing their optical radiation related business.

Photometric and radiometric measurements

GL Optic offers a wide range of photometric and radiometric measurement services. The most common are photometrical measurements with a goniospectroradiometer or integrating sphere system, according to CIE S 025/E:2015, EN 62471, IESNA LM-79-08. Gonio-photometric measurement of Luminous Intensity Distribution (LID) is summarized in a professional report which may include the following: Luminous flux, Luminous, Intensity distribution (LDT and IES data format – with the use of a goniometer), Beam Angle, Colour coordinates x, y, Angular colour uniformity, CCT, Distance from the Planckian locus Duv, CRI, Spectral power distribution, Angular colour uniformity, Luminous efficacy, Electrical Power and Power factor.

Workshops and trainning sessions​

GL Optic regularly shares the knowledge on light and optical radiation measurements during organized training sessions and workshops. These cover photometry and colorimetry, the quality of light and lighting in the whole range of optical radiation, photobiological interactions, flicker and the impact on the circadian cycle. We teach the methods of measuring LED modules, lamps and LED luminaires in accordance with the CIE 025: 2015 standard; luminous flux measurement with the use of an integrating sphere; angular light distribution measurement with the use of a goniometer and creating photometric files; luminance measurements (luminaires, interiors and roads). We also share our experiences about on how to fulfil the requirements of applicable lighting standards.

UV measurement service​

UV-C lamps measurements are available with the use of a goniospectroradiometer owing to which, the results are presented in a Radiant Intensity Diagram (RID) Additionally UV Irradiance and UV Radiant Flux measurements are offered.

Research and development

GL Optic research and development team cooperates with recognised research institutions on a daily basis. GL Optic engineers regularly participate in numerous research projects carried out in cooperation with, amongst others, the Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB), Poznań University of Technology and the All-Russian Research Institute for Optical and Physical Measurements Federal State Unitary Enterprise (VNIIOFI). This cooperation have resulted in numerous world-recognized innovative solutions: the calibration method based on the two standards (the Quartz Tungsten Halogen (QTH) bulb and a Deuterium Lamp), programmable uniform luminance reference light source, Portable Photobiological Safety Measuring System, a mobile laboratory for dynamic road illuminance measurements, Imaging Luminance Measuring Device (ILMD) for road lighting measurements in accordance with the applicable standards. These and many other are covered with a patent protection.
GL Team has developed custom-made optical measuring systems for many R&D Centres and Institutes such as: Gwangju Institute of Green-Car Advancement in South Korea, The Institute of Experimental Biology in Poland, Signify, iRobot, Osram, LG etc.

More about laboratory and services

laboratory CARLO black body radiator


Calibration and Research Laboratory of Optical Radiation is the only laboratory in Central and Eastern Europe equipped with the Black Body Radiator.


All GL Optic instruments are individually calibrated for the end-user during manufacturing to ensure the highest accuracy of each and every delivered system.


Online and Onsite support services and trainings are available on demand.

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