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GL GONIOMETERS – instruments necessary to determine the light distribution characteristics

It is difficult to imagine designing and selling lighting without access to photometric files, which are necessary to perform simulations. To determine the light distribution curves, a goniometers are used, which are designed to rotate the luminaire in three axes to collect data on which direction the light from the luminaire falls, using photometers and spectrometers.
The data collected with the goniometer is then transformed into a colorimetric report and photometric file that lighting designers can use.

Uncomplicated operation

The simple design of the goniometers, the extensive automation, as well as the clear alignment procedures and intuitive-to-use software, greatly simplify the daily work  of technicians, thus creating a new class of efficiency and functionality.

Compliance with international standards

GL Optic’s measurement systems, including goniometers are designed and manufactured in compliance with applicable CIE and IES standards, making them suitable for successful use worldwide.

Solutions for everyone

GL Optic’s range of goniometers includes 3 models differing in size, which determines the size of fixtures that can be tested on them. Depending on individual needs, we propose a suitable solution. In addition, each goniometer has the ability to convert to type A for automotive measurements.

Build the advantage of your own photometric laboratory

Designing and evaluating new products is a constant challenge for manufacturers and importers alike. Whether components or finished  luminaires need to be tested, an in-house laboratory is a tremendous advantage that can significantly reduce the time to market for a new product.
Based on GL Optic’s equipment, you can create a complete laboratory for the evaluation of photometric and colorimetric evaluation. A wide range of spectrometers and photometers allows you to create systems that are always tailored to your individual needs.

Faster than the competition

A goniophotometric system working with GL Photometer 3.0 + Flicker reduces measurement time by up to 5 times! The high sampling rate together with the high sensitivity of the sensor allows continuous On-fly measurement  during smooth lamp movement.
In addition, thanks to the flicker measurement function, it is possible to determine the light modulation characteristics.

GL Optic ecodesign new measurements flicker stroboscopic effect photometer
gl optic gl specrtosoft software goniometry

Complete data in a personalized report

Dedicated GL Spectrosoft analytical software makes it easy to generate light distribution diagrams, personalized reports, as well as photometric files in IES and LDT formats.
Using the spectrometer as the primary measuring instrument, the system will provide information on all colorimetric values, such as: CCT, Duv, CRI and Rf (TM-39 2015), MacAdam ellipses, and angular colour uniformity.
In addition, the software is used to control the goniometer and the devices included in the complete system.


Light distribution measurements in a compact form

GLG 8-850 is a top-of-the-line bench-top goniometer designed for LED module measurements, component testing and smaller luminaires. The automated system allows  measurement of fixtures up to 8 kg and 850 mm in diameter.

 Can be converted to Type A

Although the GLG 8-850 is made as a Type C goniometer as standard, it is possible to convert this model to type A measurements for automotive lighting manufacturers.


Easy to use

The assistance of skilled technicians is not necessary to obtain reliable measurements with the GLG 30-1800 goniospectrometer. Easy-to-use software, precise alignment procedures and extensive automation make this system a new class of performance and functionality and easily allow you to reduce the time to deploy a product for sale.

 Extensive possibilities

With a maximum load of up to 30 kg and a maximum diameter of 1800 mm, the GLG 30-1800 goniospectrometer meets the needs of most who are interested in evaluating their products. A set of small or large components is no problem. The system can perform precise characterization of both larger and smaller sized components and luminaires without mechanical changes.


Reliable and accurate

The GLG A 50-1800 goniophotometer is built based on proven mechatronic components from leading manufacturers. Accuracy and repeatability of measurements are guaranteed by 3 motorized axes with absolute encoders. The design of the goniophotometer allows measurement of lamps weighing up to 50 kg and 1800 mm long (optional up to 2600 mm).

Compliance with international standards

GL Optic’s equipment is continuously updated to work in accordance with worldwide standards. The GLG A 50-1800 goniophotometer works in accordance with CIE 121-1996 and IESNA LM-75-01. The system allows photometric testing in accordance with UN/ECE instructions and FMVSS requirements based on SAE standards.

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The GL Spectis 1.0 is a cost effective measuring device suitable for the final assessment of lamps as well as for testing of complete lighting installations.


GL SPECTROSOFT is an analytical PC-based software designed for laboratory applications, field work, production quality control and for general light assessment purposes.

GL Optic ecodesign new measurements flicker stroboscopic effect photometer

GL PHOTOMETER 3.0 + Flicker

Class A Photometer for On-fly measurements.