First fully adapted system for road lighting measurements, according to the EN 13201: 2016 standard

GL OPTICAM 3.0 4k TEC road lighting measurements

First fully adapted system for road lighting measurements according to the EN 13201: 2016 standard

Until the appearance of GL OPTICAM 3.0 4K TEC the measurement of luminance distribution was a tedious, time-consuming and costly process, requiring the participation of many people with specialist knowledge. The new system for imaging luminance measurements provides full measurement data necessary to calculate the luminance distribution of the selected road and area lighting standard compliance in seconds. Unlike other laboratory meters, GL OPTICAM 3.0 4K TEC is the world’s first solution fully adapted to field measurements.
It includes TEC unit for thermal stabilisation of the image sensor, which compensates for measurement errors resulting from changing temperature conditions. Its hermetic housing ( IP 54 ) is designed for field work and prepared for different weather conditions – even in the rain, without the fear of camera damage. In addition, it has a battery power source which relieves the operator of the need for power generators and portable power supplies when working outdoors. A set of included accessories makes it easy to determine the measurement field and complete measurement process.

Street and area lighting verified

Street luminance, pedestrian crossing zones, tunnel lighting and airfield lighting all can be measured in no time. This high resolution and high sensitivity camera system is preconfigured for immediate luminance distribution measurements in any field application. Whenever you need a dependable portable luminance testing, you can plug and measure with our high class imaging luminance measuring device.

Road lighting compliance to EN 13201

The analysis software is intuitive and immediately presents the results, including the compliance or non-compliance of the installation with the assumptions and requirements for the road lighting class according to EN 13201. Moreover, the software allows you to generate a report at the touch of a button – a function that has not been available in any system on the market so far.

Adapted for field work

Hermetic housing ( IP 54 ), thermal stabilization, professional tripod and accessories ready to work under different weather conditions – even in the rain, without the fear of camera damage. It features a battery power source, transportation cases, measurement field markers, measuring wheel, all this is to have you covered when working outside.


Smart development programme

The development of the GL OPTICAM imaging luminance instrument has been made in cooperation with Poznan University of Technology and implemented within the framework of the National Centre for Research and Development Programme. The aim of the project was to bring to the market a measuring system which supports on-site luminance distribution measurements. There are many luminance meters available on the market but they are all laboratory devices and none of them is actually designed and prepared for road luminance measurements.
The team of the Department of Light Technology and Electrothermal Energy of the Poznań University of Technology has many years of experience in performing luminance measurements on roads with the use of both spot luminance meters and an Imaging Luminance Measuring Device. The use of an ILMD meter makes it much easier to perform measurements and helps to obtain more reliable results allowing for objective assessment of the road lighting installation performance.

Focusing on road lighting quality

Measurement of road luminance is a demanding task. This system is fully prepared for on-site measurements on the road. The camera’s hermetic housing is built to protect the system and the lens from mechanical damages. The sensor is thermally stabilized and ready to work in different temperatures and the delivered battery pack and peripheral devices support professional field measurement. It can be used in different places while maintaining laboratory accuracy performance.

Measuring system that works outdoors

Additional equipment provided with the system includes a dedicated heavy duty elevating tripod, additional battery pack, measuring wheel to measure the distance, specially designed measurement field markers and the reflective safety vest. All this is packed in dedicated transportation cases creating a portable measurement stand.

Adding colorimetry

This luminance meter can be combined with our GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch spectroradiometer to include the colorimetric test and evaluation. Our GL SPECTROSOFT features an option to combine the measurements from the luminance camera with the spectroradiometric measurement. As a result we are able to provide mismatch correction for luminance values to get the highest accuracy and provide all colorimetric and spectral data for the LED product under test.

GL OPTICAM 3.0 4K TEC Features

Plug and measure

Preconfigured and individually calibrated digital luminance camera system for immediate testing of luminance distribution. It is as easy as putting this instrument on the tripod in front of the lighting system and measuring absolute luminance level. The instrument can be used both in the field and laboratory.

Dedicated V- lambda filter

Each camera is equipped with the specially selected class A optical corrected filter to provide the highest quality of luminance measurements corresponding with the human eye sensitivity. Each filter is optimized for each CMOS sensor individually.

Thermal stabilisation

TEC controlled image sensor temperature compensates for measurement errors resulting from changing temperature conditions.

Adding spectrum and color

This new image luminance camera can be combined with our spectral instruments like GL SPECTIS 1.0 touch to expand the quality control with the colorimetric values like CCT, CRI and many more. Additionally it will also provide an automatic filter miss match correction procedure and support the measurements of multiple color LED devices testing.

GL OPTICAM 3.0 4K TEC Metrics

Photometric quantities

  • Point Luminance [cd/m2]
  • Luminance distribution
  • Iso candela diagram
  • Average luminance
  • Min Max diagram and tables
  • Spectral color quantities*

  • Correlated Color Temperature – CCT and Duv
  • Color Rendering Indices – Ra, CRI, R1 to R14
  • New rendering Rf and TM-30
  • Color Uniformity
  • Binning and color consistency
  • Spectral Power Distribution
  • * available when combined with the spectral instrument system

    GL OPTICAM 3.0 4K TEC Specifications

    Road lighting and other light sources, displays, luminous and illuminated surfaces
    Imaging resolution4096×2168 (4K, 9 MPix)
    A/D conversion12 bit
    Measurement range0,01 cd/m² … 150000 cd/m² (range depends on lens aperture) (ND filter for higher range available on request)
    Resolution0,01 cd/m²
    Dynamic range1:15000000
    Focus distance200 mm to infinity (depends on lens type)
    Minimum working area56 mm x 30 mm (at 200 mm distance) (will vary depending on lens type)
    Uncertainty of spectral responseClass A (f1′) < 3%
    Integration time50 µs … 10 s
    Measuring sensor typeCMOS monochromatic matrix with spectral response filter
    Optical system50 mm f/1.8 lens. (different available on request)
    Dimensions [H x W x D]149 mm x 306 mm x 265 mm
    Weight5,7 kg
    IP Code54
    PC ConnectivityUSB 3.0
    Power sourceBattery pack and 15V DC power adapter Power inverter on demand
    Tripod adapterBSW ¼”
    USB cable

    Note: Instrument, firmware and software specification are subject to change without prior notice. All information included in GL OPTIC datasheets and product information available in any form are carefully prepared and included information believed to be true. Please note that discrepancies may occur due to text and/or other errors or changes in the available technology. We advise to contact GL Optic before the use of the product to obtain the latest product specification.

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    Design Plus Award powered by Light + Building Frankfurt 2022

    The Design Plus Award is one of the leading design competitions in Germany. In addition to the overall concept and design quality, the highly qualified jury of experts also honored the innovative content as well as the technical and ecological quality of this compact system for luminance measurement of street lighting.

    The best product Trade Show "Light" Warsaw 2022

    Trade Show Light is the largest event in Poland dedicated to the lighting industry, which gathers hundreds of exhibitors and several thousand visitors each year. During the 29th International Trade Show „Light” GL OPTICAM was named the most advanced solution in terms of technology, design, utility and innovation.


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