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Type A goniophotometer for photometric measurements in the automotive industry

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Goniophotometer will improve productivity and accelerate in-house product development

The continuous development of technology translates into an urgent need to speed up product introduction. This applies to every industry, including automotive lighting manufacturing. The series of tests that vehicle exterior lamps must undergo in the approval process is causing lighting manufacturers to choose to build their own laboratories to reduce the time to market for the final product.

The GL GONIO PHOTOMETER GLG A 50-1800 has been designed in accordance with CIE 121-1996 and IESNA LM-75-01 standards governing photometric and colorimetric far-field measurement systems. It allows the determination of photometric characteristics in H, V coordinates for automotive lamps and headlights as well as all kinds of signaling equipment used, for example, in aviation.

The GL Optic goniophotometer is characterized by its high precision, robust design and user-friendly interface. In cooperation with a photometer, spectrometer and retroreflectometer, it forms a complete system for the automotive industry.

Compliance with international standards

GL Optic’s equipment is constantly updated to work in accordance with internationally available standards. The GLG A 50-1800 goniophotometer works in accordance with CIE 121-1996 and IESNA LM-75-01 standards, and the system enables photometric testing in accordance with UN/ECE instructions and FMVSS requirements based on SAE standards.

Reliability and accuracy

The GLG A 50-1800 goniophotometer is built with the highest quality mechatronic components from leading manufacturers. This ensures high accuracy of the entire system and repeatability of movements. The design of the goniophotometer allows the measurements of lamps weighing up to 50 kg and measuring up to 1800 mm length (optional up to 2600 mm).

Faster than the competition

The goniophotometric system working with the GL Photometer 3.0 LS + Flicker reduces measurement time by up to 5 times! The high sampling rate together with the high sensitivity of the sensor allows continuous On-fly measurement during smooth lamp movement. Using the flicker measurement function, it is possible to determine the light modulation characteristics.

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Application of the GLG A 50-1800 goniophotometer

Increased possibilities

Designers are racing to constantly improve and create unconventional lamps and headlamps. The development of LED technology also contributes to the creation of increasingly unusual solutions. In order to keep up with these developments, testing is necessary at the prototyping stage, preferably in-house in the R&D or QC.

The GLG A 50-1800 goniophotometer can be used in both factory and accredited laboratories. It allows reliable data to be quickly obtained for large and smaller lamps. The design of the goniometer allows the testing of luminaires weighing up to 50 kg and with a diameter of 1800 mm (with an option of up to 2600 mm on special order).

The accuracy of the measurements is guaranteed by 3 motorized axes with absolute encoders. Extensive automation capabilities and intuitive software ensure a new level of productivity.

Faster lamp testing

GL Photometer 3.0 LS + Flicker is a dedicated device for use with a goniometer. It offers the possibility to perform On-fly measurements. During On-fly measurement, the goniometer arm move at a constant speed without stopping, while the photometer takes many thousands of measurements per second to accurately determine the photometric light curve for each plane.
In addition, the flicker measurement function allows the light modulation characteristics of indicators and emergency lights to be determined.


Color measurement also possible

The GL Optic goniophotometric system can be supplemented with a spectroradiometer to extend its functionality to include color measurement. The GL Spectis 1.3 LS is optimized for high-speed measurements of photometric and colorimetric parameters. It is ideal for basic applications and radiation measurements in the visible range.

GL Spectis 5.0 Touch can be used in advanced systems. It also enables spectral analysis outside the visible range (UV-NIR).

Goniophotometer GLG A 50-1800 functions

The standard goniometric system includes:

  • Robust, accurate and programmable A-type goniometer with three motorized H, V and Z axes and mounting table, movable in x, y axes
  • Dedicated PC with GL Spectrosoft software
  • High-speed GL Photometer 3.0 LS + Flicker, enabling On-fly measurements and flicker characterization using PWM
  • Unique laser alignment system with mirrors to help with vertical and horizontal calibration of the system as well as faster photometric positioning of DUTs

Optional peripherals

  • GL SPECTIS 1.3 LS –spectroradiometer optimized for high-speed photometric and colorimetric measurements
  • GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch – spectroradiometer for extended spectral analysis beyond the visible range from UV to NIR in various applications
  • Power supplies and meters – available power supplies and power sources allow full electrical characterization of the DUT. Advanced power meters are also available on request
  • TEC controller – for thermal stabilization during goniometric tests

Use GLG A 50-1800 to determine:

Photometric Quantities

  • Light distribution
  • Luminous flux
  • Maximum brightness
  • IES and LDT files

Colorimetric Quantities

  • Color temperature, CCT and Duv
  • Color rendering index, CRI (Ra)
  • MacAdam ellipses
  • Angular color uniformity

Other Quantities

  • Luminous efficacy [lm/W]
  • Power factor cosφ
  • Temperature

GLG A 50-1800 Specifications

Compliance testing of lamps and signals to UN/ECE and SAE /FMVSS Regulations. This is a Type A system compliant with the CIE 121-1996 and IESNA LM-75-01 standards for far-field photometric and colorimetric measurement systems.
CIE Goniometer typeFar Field Type A with H, V axis and x,y,z direction movement
DUT positioning X,Y axes on a motorized table
5 axis servo motors with absolute position encoders
H axis movementAngular range ± 180°. Nominal torque 98Nm. Speed up to 50 °/s
H axis resolution0.002°
H axis reproducibility0.05° * (*at nominal load)
V axis movementAngular range ± 100°. Nominal torque 555Nm. Speed up to 10 °/s
V axis resolution0.002°
V axis reproducibility0.05° * (*at nominal load)
Z axis movementLinear range 0-600mm. Lifting capability up to 1500N
Z axis reproducibility70 μm
X axis movementLinear range ± 300 mm. Speed up to 40 mm/s
Y axis movementLinear range ± 150 mm. Speed up to 40 mm/s
X, Y axis reproducibility70 μm
DUT mounting tableSquare 500×500 mm. T-slot array 5×5 in the Bosch Rexroth system
Maximum DUT dimension≤ 1800 mm (symmetrically positioned)
Goniometer dimensions2120(L) x 1780(H) x 800(W) mm
Optical axis height1500 mm
Minimum room height2600 mm
Minimum room width4000 mm
Maximum load50 kg
Goniometer weight600 kg
Power supplyAC 3-phase 110-230V, 3000 W
ControllersInternal controller for all motors
PC connectivity over LAN network
Remote manufacturer support capability
10 inch LCD touch display on the external control panel
Manual all axis controller for operations during DUT fixing
SafetyExternal control panel with emergency stop button
Laser scanner
Sensor typeGL Photometer 3.0 LS + Flicker

*at nominal load

Note: Instrument, firmware and software specification are subject to change without prior notice. All information included in GL OPTIC datasheets and product information available in any form are carefully prepared and included information believed to be true. Please note that discrepancies may occur due to text and/or other errors or changes in the available technology. We advise to
contact GL Optic before the use of the product to obtain the latest product specification.


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