Our Company

GL Optic manufactures, distributes and supports professional light measurement systems.

From single LEDs to comprehensive luminaire testing, GL Optic provides intergrated light measurement solutions across a broad array of industries and applications. For lighting manufacturers, electronic companies, automotive component providers, laboratories and scientific applications, GL Optic provides simplified, professional light measurement systems.


Our business was born of necessity. In the early 2000’s Jan Lalek, leading physicist and developer of optical products, was looking for a way to simplify light measurement. Michael Gall of Just Normlicht, a leading manufacturer of standardized viewing solutions, had a need for high performance, affordable measuring equipment to support rapid development of new lighting systems.

The ensuing partnership created GL Optic as a start-up in 2009, and formed as a separate business unit in 2014.


Today, GL Optic’s headquarters in Poland designs, develops, manufactures and supports a broad range of light measurement instruments and turn-key systems for a wide range of applications and industries.

Our team includes experienced software developers, electronic and mechanical engineers, production technicians, sales and support engineers, all focused on delivering high performance, cost-effective solutions.

Our customers include leading multi-national manufacturers of lighting systems, test laboratories, and integrators, as well as start-ups and consultants worldwide in every industry concerned with light measurement.

Our Leadership Team

Michael Gall

CEO of Just Normlicht

Mikolaj Przybyla

COO of GL Optic

Jan Lalek

CTO of GL Optic