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Who are we?

We manufacture, distribute and support professional light measurement systems.

From single LEDs to comprehensive luminaire testing, We provide integrated light measurement solutions across a broad array of industries and applications:
  • Lighting Manufacturers,
  • Electronic Companies,
  • Automotive Component Providers,
  • Laboratories and Scientific Applications


Our business was born of necessity. In the early 2000’s Jan Lalek, a leading physicist and developer of optical products, was looking for a way to simplify the light measurement. Michael Gall of Just Normlicht, a leading manufacturer of standardized viewing solutions, had a need for high performance, affordable measuring equipment to support rapid development of new lighting systems.
The ensuing partnership created GL Optic as a start-up in 2009, and formed as a separate business unit in 2014.
In the picture (from L to R), there are Jan Lalek, the co-founder and head of technology, Michael Gall, the entrepreneur and co-founder.


Today, GL Optic’s headquarters in Poland designs, develops, manufactures and supports a broad range of light measurement instruments and turn-key systems for a wide range of applications and industries.
Our team includes experienced software developers, electronic and mechanical engineers, production technicians, sales and support engineers, all focused on delivering high performance, cost-effective solutions.
Our customers include leading multi-national manufacturers of lighting systems, test laboratories, and integrators, as well as start-ups and consultants worldwide in every industry concerned with light measurement.


We are expanding our business and services further. GL Calibration Laboratory is in the process of installing primary optical radiation reference standard – the Black Body Radiator. This is the first venture of such a standard in the Central and Eastern Europe. We establish a world-class metrological accuracy for the benefit of our customers. Our software and hardware are in a constant updating process to meet the requirements of international standards and provide the latest metrics.
GL Optic manufacturer made in EU

What we do?

We are a full-line manufacturer of complete instrumentation for professional spectral light measurement.

With our support in the light quality control process you can:
  • select quality components and suppliers
  • start easy product testing
  • develop better products faster
  • improve quality management
  • simplify standards compliance
  • make short time market introduction
  • provide reliable products avoiding claims
  • improve performance

Why to choose us?

We are a European manufacturer with best price/quality ratio.
GL Optic light quality control


  • Designed with usability in mind – our plug and measure concept is user friendly and helps to bridge the gap between reference laboratories and the real world challenges
  • Instruments are not mass-produced, they are manufactured by skilled technicians and calibrated individually with traceable reference standard
  • We offer complete systems with flexible interface to handle Photometry, Colorimetry, electrical and temperature control and measurements

Need customize measurement or special modification?

GL Optic light quality control


  • We are using only the highest quality sensors from a recognized supplier HAMAMATSU Photonics from Japan
  • Coating and diffusing materials together with profiles and housing parts come from trusted suppliers from Germany
  • Our electronic boards and software interface are being designed, manufactured and programmed in Poland.
  • Our own Calibration Standards are based on Russian VNIOFII Institute of Physical Measurements, which is the world’s leading provider of the Black Body reference standards used by NIST, NPL, PTB, and other top National Metrology Institutes
gl optic light quality control


  • We take active part in in CIE and IES meetings ensuring being up-to-date with new standards
  • We cooperate with leading lighting institutes and technical universities
  • We share our knowledge and experience with lighting specialists by trainings at tradeshows, exhibitions and in-house
GL Optic light quality control


  • We come from lighting industry and we understand light measurement from the lighting manufacturers’ perspective
  • We offer an extensive know-how support for our end-users to help them manage their complex measurement challenges
  • We provide consultations, modifications or customised solutions, trainings and consultations
Everything available online and onsite.

Where are we?

Our HQ is in Poland but our products are sold in countries around the world through our retail partners.

We cooperate with the best

Our products are used by leading companies throughout the world and from a wide range of industries.

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