LM79 compliant luminous flux and radiant power measurement of large luminaries.

GL OPTIC large integrating sphere Luminous flux of large LED lamps and luminaires​

Luminous flux of large LED lamps and luminaires

GL OPTI SPHERE 1500, 2000 and 3000 are set of large integrating sphere and were designed for the measurement of large LED luminaires and modules for luminous flux, radiant power and color. These systems enable LM79 compliant testing and also comply with the recommendations of the CIE Technical Committee published in the CIE 127:2007 Technical Report.
The size of the sphere and the side-opening system facilitate the easy installation of a variety of light sources using additional adapters or holders, allowing full measurement flexibility. As with all our integrating sphere systems, this system can be equipped with any of our high-performance spectrometers and powerful automation and analysis software to produce a completely turnkey system that anyone can operate.

Mount and measure

GL OPTI SPHERE comes in standard with a mechanical stage that can be adapted to mount many different fixtures and LED module types. An optional lamp post installed in the center of the sphere makes it easy to install different A type products. Any of our high-performance light spectrometers can connect to the sphere and they are automatically detected by the software when connected to the detector port. Load the lamp, and let the software do the rest.

Large LED luminaires

With 1,5 m, 2 m and 3 m diameter sphere optional available, the sphere is optimized for integrating sphere measurement of large light fixtures. Used in a range of industries and calibrated to National reference standards, the GL LARGE OPTI SPHERES  offers exceptional value in a market space crowded by either low price, low-performance systems or systems that are cost prohibitive to most growing companies.

Adaptable to your needs

With a wide range of light spectrometers and accessories available for the GL LARGE OPTI SPHERES, you can select the best spectral range and features to fit your budget and technical requirements. Combine with our powerful GL SPECTROSOFT software and GL AUTOMATION add-on, to have a completely turnkey test station that anyone can use to obtain accurate and repeatable results.


Measure. Launch. Grow.

With more and more companies manufacturing commercial lighting fixtures, there is increasing demand for a reasonably priced, accurate and easy to use solution to test & measure large luminaires during development and as a QC measure in production. GL OPTI SPHERE 1500, 2000 and 3000 integrating sphere were developed to meet this need and offers a completely turnkey solution for all your light measurement needs, big or small.
GL Optic large integrating sphere deliver exceptional luminous flux and color accuracy without the operational complexity associated with other photometric test equipment. A dedicated metrologist or large dark lab are not required. Setup the system and start evaluating your lamps in no time. Our customers appreciate that you can just open the sphere, install the lamp inside and measure. This sphere is equipped with all accessories and components you need and our GL SPECTROSOFT software interface will help you to do it right.

A laboratory of your own

This instrument is equally suited to accredited laboratory environments, production labs or in R&D for quick quality control. When using external labs becomes too expensive or time-consuming, the GL LARGE OPTI SPHERE is an excellent choice for LM79 light measurement applications.

Instant customized reports

Install, measure and prepare customized report directly from our GL SPECTROSOFT suite. This analytical software will control the measurement instrument, auxiliary light source and optionally manage peripheral devices like programmable and stabilized power supplies or TEC controllers. All these can be included in one complete measurement report.

GL OPTI SPHERE 2000 Features

Specially designed 660 mm entrance aperture

Conforming to CIE recommendations, front emitting diodes can be measured at the wall entrance in 2π geometry while other types of LEDs or other sources with wider emission are measured at the center of the sphere in 4π geometry. The entrance of the 2 m sphere is equipped with a specially designed 660 mm entrance aperture which can be used for calibration purposes. Additional accessories can be installed as required by specific measurement scenarios.

Auxiliary light source

To obtain top measurement accuracy, the GL OPTI SPHERE 2000 has been equipped with an auxiliary light source to compensate for self-absorbance of DUT’s.

GL OPTI SPHERE 2000 Metrics

Integrated quantities

  • Total Luminous Flux [ lm ]
  • Radiant power [ W/nm ]
  • Total Photon Flux
  • PBAR and more.
  • Colorimetric quantities

  • Correlated Color Temperature – CCT and Duv
  • Color Rendering Indices – Ra, CRI, R1 to R15, TM-30
  • Fidelity index Rf
  • MacAdam Ellipses.
  • Binning
  • Color coordinates
  • Optional quantities*

  • Luminous Efficacy [lm/w]
  • Power Factor
  • Temperature Tp Tamb etc
  • *require optional peripheral devices please inquire here

    GL OPTI SPHERE 2000 Specifications

    Luminous flux and radiant power measurement of large LED modules and large luminaires.
    Spectral range*340 – 1700 nm
    Sphere inner diameter2000 mm
    Entrance aperture diameter660 mm
    Sphere materialCarbon steel
    Inner coatingBarium Sulfate (BaSO4) high-reflectance material (R98)
    Outer coatingBlack textured finish
    Reflectance properties97%
    Auxiliary light sourceWhite LED or halogen
    Spectrometer portDirect connection or SMA fiber-optic
    Standards complianceCE, LM 79, CIE 127:2007 CIE S 025/E:2015
    Maximum DUT dimensions in accordance with CIE S 025/E:2015200 mm (diameter or diagonal)
    Maximum dimension for optimal measurement (1/3 x sphere diameter)665 mm (diameter or diagonal)
    Maximum DUT weight25 kg
    Sphere frameHinged
    Sphere center positioningCross laser mechanism
    Mechanical breadboard with postFor 4π measurement
    USB source controller for auxiliary light sourceWith current source and relay switch for external power supply
    Universal post with standard lamp socketsUniversal DUT fixing table (breadboard) for measurement in 4π geometry
    External dimensions [W x H x D]2200 mm x 2200 mm x 2300mm
    Weight420 kg
    * Spectral range of the sensor. Actual spectral range of system may be reduced due to limitations of used optical accessory.
    Note: Instrument, firmware and software specification are subject to change without prior notice. All information included in GL OPTIC datasheets and product information available in any form are carefully prepared and included information believed to be true. Please note that discrepancies may occur due to text and/or other errors or changes in the available technology. We advise to contact GL Optic before the use of the product to obtain the latest product specification.
    Below you will find materials ready for download. Click on the file that interests you to download it.

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