Wide range of integrating spheres for versatile luminous flux measurements

GL OPTI SPHERE integrating spheres - a simple way to determine the luminous flux

Determination of the luminous flux value is one of the most important measurements at the stage of designing new solutions by manufacturers of light sources and luminaires. A series of GL OPTI SPHERE integrating spheres will meet all the requirements of both smaller manufacturers, as well as by professional laboratories.
GL OPTIC integrating spheres are designed to be as easy to operate as possible, and with the availability of spheres in several sizes, it is possible to flexibly adapt a dedicated solution to individual customer needs.

Compliance with standards

GL Optic integrating spheres are manufactured in compliance with international standards, i.e. CIE 025/E:2015, EN 13032-4:2015 and IES LM 79. As a result, they find application with lighting manufacturers and in laboratories around the world.

Adapted to customer needs

The availability of spheres in various sizes from the smallest with a diameter of 48 mm, through compact 205 mm and 500 mm, to the largest with as large as 3 m makes it possible, regardless of whether to test single LEDs or large luminaires, GL OPTI SPHERES will meet the set requirements.

Thermally stabilized sensor

All integrating spheres are prepared to work with GL Optic spectrometers and, depending on the requirement, can measure spectrum in the extended range or exclusively in the visible range. Such a system makes it possible to determine all colorimetric parameters of the tested light sources.

Your own laboratory

Regardless of the scale of production and the size of the luminaires or components that are to be tested, GL OPTI SPHERE integrating spheres will be an excellent solution to build your own laboratory. Depending on your needs, the GL Optic measurement systems will work well for both accredited testing units and independent quality control or R&D departments.
With the ever-changing technology in the lighting industry, the ability to take measurements in-house is becoming a major asset and translates into savings and faster product development.

Personalized test reports

Dedicated GL SPECTROSOFT analytical software is responsible for controlling the measuring system, auxiliary light source and peripheral devices. The obtained measurement results, along with all data such as power parameters, can be included and generated in a personalized report.
The software is available in multiple languages and is updated regularly to always meet the current requirements of standards.
GL SPECTROSOFT light measurement software
GL SPECTROSOFT light measurement software

Personalized test reports

Dedicated GL Spectrosoft analytical software is responsible for controlling the measuring system, auxiliary light source and peripheral devices. The obtained measurement results, along with all data such as power parameters, can be included and generated in a personalized report.
The software is available in multiple languages ​​and is updated regularly to always meet the current requirements of standards.

Measurements possible in 4π and 2π geometry

Depending on the type and shape of the light sources or luminaires to be tested, the standard assumes the measurement of luminous flux values in the integrating sphere in a 4π or 2π geometry. In practice, this means that the tested object is placed centrally in the centre of the sphere or on its wall.
The universal design of the GL Optic’s integrating spheres enables measurements in both variants, and in addition, the mounting of the sources themselves is very simple, thanks to adjustable mounts and a built-in laser which facilitates positioning of the luminaires.
GL Opti Sphere 48 small integrating sphere Luminous flux measurement of small LED


Luminous flux measurement at your fingertips

The smallest integrating sphere in the GL Optic’s just range is just 48 mm in diameter and was developed with single LED chip performance measurement in mind. GL OPTI SPHERE 48 is dedicated for use with the spectrometer series GL Spectis 1.0 Touch. It is ideal for the daily work of electronics engineers, quality controllers and sales representatives who want to verify the quality of the components used.

Laboratory quality

In-house calibration of the device in the GL Optic laboratory before sale ensures that the results obtained will always be precise and repeatable. With GL OPTI SPHERE 48 you will quickly and easily improve the quality of your products.


Bench measurements of LED modules

The compact size of the GL OPTI SPHERE 205 makes it the ideal for bench verification of the quality of light performance, such as COB LED modules and other small light sources.

Dedicated mounts and adapters

The well-thought-out design of this small sphere and dedicated for different sources adapters and mounts provide a wide spectrum of measurement possibilities, both in 2π and 4π geometries. All in accordance with the requirements of CIE127:2007 and SE025:2015 standards.
ecodesign ekoprojekt, zgodność z wymaganiami ekoprojektu


With classic bulbs and retrofits in mind

GL OPTI SPHERE 500 is an integrating sphere that was designed for the measurement of classic light sources and so-called LED retrofits, which are used as replacements for classic incandescent lamps with E27, E14 and GU10 caps. In addition, it can successfully measure LED strips and modules used, for example, in linear luminaires.

Automatic correction of the absorption index

The LED auxiliary light source integrated into the sphere is designed to help obtain the optimal and correct results of the tested luminaires. The sphere can also be optionally equipped with a module for temperature control GL TEC Control, which guarantees the stability of measurement conditions. The whole system is controlled by GL Spectrosoft.
GL Opti sphere integrating sphere system luminous flux measurements radiant power


Accelerate new product deployments

Another in the GL Optic hierarchy, the 1100 mm diameter integrating sphere was developed for manufacturers of downlight and spotlight luminaires, as well as those using linear LED modules. High accuracy of luminous flux and color measurements without complicated handling promote faster product development.

Convenient operation

The relatively small size of the GL OPTI SPHERE 1100 eliminates the need for a considerable free space, and by placing the sphere on a mobile rack, it can be moved to another location at any time.
Access to the interior for mounting the test object is very convenient, as the sphere itself is placed at a height that makes it easy to adjust the position of the test source at the geometric center when testing in 4π geometry.


Test high power luminaires

GL OPTI SPHERE 1500, 2000 and 3000 are designed to measure the luminous flux and energy output and color of large luminaires and LED modules. These systems enable assessment of compliance with CIE S025 and LM79, as well as the recommendations of Technical Report CIE 127:2007.

Mount and measure

GL Optic’s largest spheres are equipped with a mounting table that can be adapted to the installation of many different brackets and types of LED modules. An optional lamp cap in the center of the sphere makes it easy to install Type A products.
GL SPECTIS series spectrometers, when connected to the sphere, are automatically detected by GL SPECTROSOFT software for full data analysis.

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