Benchtop light goniometer for small LED lamps, modules and components

small goniometer GL GONIO SPECTROMETER GLG 8-850

A compact system for measuring light intensity distribution, luminous flux and color.

The easy-to-use GL Optic system combines the functionality of a goniophotometer with the features of a spectroradiometer to measure the luminous flux, determine the light intensity distribution values of colorimetric parameters required by international standards.
The new GLG 8-850 goniometer is a top-of-the-range benchtop goniometer designed to measure LED modules and smaller luminaires and to test components.
The automated system allows to measurement of devices weighing up to 8 kg and with a diameter of 850 mm.  The system with computer and GL Spectrosoft add-on software, enables measurements with an angular resolution of 0.1° and in the angular range of the C axis and λ +/- 180°.

Small in size, big in capability

Don’t let the size fool you. GLG 8-850 offers the ability to measure not only LED modules or small luminaires, but also vehicle lamps, thanks to the optional Type A conversion kit. The included lasers allow precise positioning of the DUT on the goniometer and measurement of the distance to the measuring instrument. In addition, the goniometer can be equipped with a temperature stabilization module.

Compliance with international standards

GL Optic’s devices are constantly updated to work in accordance with worldwide standards. Compliance with CIE S025/E:2015 and IES LM-79 ensure, that the results obtained can be used to sell products worldwide.

Accelerate product development

There is no need to build a large laboratory. The compact size of the GLG 8-850 goniometer, the intuitive interface software and the best price/performance ratio is a great basis for starting your own measurements. Instead of ordering measurements from external laboratories and wait for results, now you can have them done in minutes!


Build your competitive edge

LED lighting is becoming increasingly competitive and the available technology and components are changing rapidly. Developing and evaluating new modules and lamp models is a constant challenge for manufacturers and importers. Our fully automated, compact light goniometer instrument supports development teams and product testing laboratories that need to measure the light intensity distribution of LED products.
A large, expensive laboratory is not necessary if you want to measure smaller products and components. GL GONIO SPECTROMETER GLG 8-850 can be used in a small darkroom or even in a dedicated test station and deliver professional photometric and colorimetric characterization of LEDs. A spectroradiometer and a user-friendly analysis software are needed to make the system complete. Start testing your own products and build your competitive advantage based on quality and knowledge.

Detailed tests and reports

Most goniophotometers on the market require highly trained and experienced technicians to deliver the results you need. The GLG 8-850 goniometer has been designed to bring the capabilities of any company closer and constructed as a practical, everyday solution for engineers and technicians. The plug-and-measure nature of the system simplifies complex measurement procedures. Simply install the lamp on the mechanical board, align it with the available laser alignment tool, set the parameters and you are ready to measure the intensity distribution. The system automatically rotates and the high-speed photometer measures the DUT in on fly mode and then the software presents the results in a fully customizable report.

Photometric files and more

GL SPECTROSOFT can easily generate light distribution diagrams, customized reports as well as IES and LDT photometric  files. With the spectroradiometer as the primary detector, the GLG 8-850 goniosystem provides all colorimetric values such as CCT and Duv, CRI and Rf (TM-30 2015) MacAdam Ellipses, Angular Color Uniformity and more. This is simply not available in standard light goniophotometer systems.


The standard light goniometer system enables

  • C type optical goniometer in C-γ coordinates
  • Optical axis in horizontal direction
  • Angular measurement of luminous intensity
  • Luminous flux measurements
  • LDT and IES file generation
  • Optional functions

  • Class L  (according to DIN 5032) laboratory photometer
  • Current or power source and power meter
  • TEC control or temperature measurement
  • Type A conversion kit available

    Photometric quantities

  • Light intensity distribution
  • C-gamma diagram
  • Cone diagram
  • Luminous flux
  • IES and LDT file formats
  • Maximum luminous intensity
  • Colorimetric quantities

  • Correlated color temperature CCT and Duv
  • Color Rendering Index Ra, CRI, R1 to R15, IES TM-30 2015
  • MacAdam ellipses
  • Angular color uniformity
  • Additional / optional

  • Luminous efficacy [lm/W]
  • Power factor (i.e. cos φ)
  • Temperature
  • GL GONIO SPECTROMETER GLG 8-850 Specifications

    Small LED modules and luminaires
    Compliance with the following: CIE121-1996, CIE S 025/E:2015
    CIE Goniometer typeFar Field Type C with horizontal optical axis
    DUT moving
    2 axis stepper
    Harmonic drive
    Angular range C axis± 180°
    Angular range γ axis± 180° theoretical
    (usable depending on geometry due to shadowing)
    Angular positioning precision0.1°
    Reproducibility C axis0.1°
    Reproducibility γ axis0.1°
    Angular speed C axisup to 45°/s
    Angular speed γ axisup to 45°/s
    DUT photometric center positioning0 to 300 mm; via hand crank
    Photometric distance2.5 m – 7.5 m
    Distance ≥ largest DUT dimension x (5-15); (CIE S 025/E:2015)
    DUT mounting plateSquare 90 x 90 mm
    (bread board)Fixing: Multiple M6 mounting holes
    Maximum DUT dimension≤ 850 mm (diameter or diagonal)
    Goniometer dimensions350 mm x 758 mm x 427 mm (W x H x D)
    Maximum operating footprint diameter1100 mm (when vertical axis is fully extended)
    Maximum load8 kg
    Goniometer weight26 kg
    Power supply and max. consumptionPC connection by Ethernet 110-230 V; 40 W
    Sensor typeGL OPTIC Spectrometer range:
    GL SPECTIS1.0 Touch
    GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch + Flicker
    GL SPECTIS 4.0
    GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch
    GL PHOTOMETER 3.0 LS + Flicker

    Note: Instrument, firmware and software specification are subject to change without prior notice. All information included in GL OPTIC datasheets and product information available in any form are carefully prepared and included information believed to be true. Please note that discrepancies may occur due to text and/or other errors or changes in the available technology. We advise to contact GL Optic before the use of the product to obtain the latest product specification.

    Below you will find materials ready for download. Click on the file that interests you to download it.

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