Ecodesign imposes new requirements and obligations for producers and importers of lighting on the European market

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ecodesign compliance verification measurements, zgodność z wymaganiami Ekoprojektu, EPREL

Do you have questions

about Ecodesign requirements

and compliance testing?

Ecodesign is a policy in force in all European Union countries, aimed at improving energy efficiency, among others, of lighting products available on the market, in addition, it promotes a sustainable economy and enables easy verification of quality parameters, including lighting sources and fixtures.

A new scale of energy efficiency

The so far known scale from A +++ to G has been replaced by a more clear scale from A to G, to reduce the large number of classes with high energy efficiency.

The new energy label

The new energy labels introduce a more readable energy efficiency scale from A to G. The label provides information about the supplier, the model designation and the energy consumption. In addition, a QR code allows  to quickly and easily find the product in the EPREL database.

EPREL database

The EPREL database contains detailed information sheets and energy labels for each registered product. The obligation to enter a product into the EPREL database rests with both the manufacturer and the importer who want to sell their products on the European market. The QR code on the energy label allows to quickly and easily find a product in the EPREL database.

Does your product comply?

The new requirements enter into force in September 2021. Manufacturers should measure among others, the flicker parameters of LED modules and lamps under laboratory conditions in order to declare these parameters before introducing the product on the market.

Need to start compliance testing?

When you face the challenge of testing dozens of products, the key becomes the ease and speed of the entire process. Our devices are designed according to the plug and measure concept, they are individually calibrated to make your work as easy as possible.

Don't know where to start?

Don’t worry! Our engineering team will guide you through the entire process – from defining your needs, through system selection, to training and service support.

GL optic professional light quality measurement, ecodesign, zgodność z wymaganiami Ekoprojektu, EPREL

Who is this solution for?

  • LED components and luminaire manufacturers who produce for EU markets
  • lamps importers, who introduce products to EU markets

What Can You Measure?

Photometric measurements

  • goniophotometric measurements,
  • measurement of luminous intensity distribution,
  • determination of the useful flux,
  • Flicker measurements
  • risk of the occurence of stroboscopic effect (SVM)

Spectral measurements

  • Spectrum measurement,
  • examination of parameters concerning color, color temperature, color rendering index,
  • SDCM binning

Electrical properties

  • Measurement of electrical parameters,
  • power consumption,
  • THD indicator,
  • luminous efficacy
ecodesign compliance testing

Want to know more about

Ecodesign compliant measurements?

Build Your Own Set

Combine the products below to create a setup for your specific application requirements

GL Photometer 3.0 LS


2 in 1 high precision illuminance photometer with wide dynamic range & accurate flicker meter

  • wide dynamic range 0,001 – 10 000 000 lx
  • uncertainty of spectral response (f1’) less than 3 % (Class A)
  • cosine correction (f2’) below 1,5% (class A)
  • can be used as a standalone photometer or combined with other systems (integrating sphere, goniometer) to build a measuring station


  • C type goniometer in C-γ coordinate
  • Optical axis in horizontal direction
  • Angular luminous intensity measurements
  • Luminous flux measurements
  • EULUMDAT and IES file generation


It is an essential tool for R&D departments, application engineers and developers for:

  • Checking the influence of dimming
  • Testing diffusers or optics installed on LEDs
  • Monitoring changes of spectra, color or luminous flux
  • Measuring flicker
ac waveform generator PstLM


Programmable power supply, capable of generating waveforms with appropriate resolution and speed.

  • Creates appropriate simulation of electrical network disturbances in laboratory conditions
  • Simulates voltage disturbances which are defined for 120 V and 230 V and frequencies of 50 Hz and 60 Hz.
  • Ables to switch between two AC voltages in a precise phase with an accuracy better than 0.5 ms
  • Stores all the disturbance modes in its memory and executes them with appropriate parameters.
  • Suitable for PstLM measurements


Intelligent software tool to manage and communicate with peripheral devices.

  • allows to create a fully automatic product testing process for PstLM
  • Instead of individually setting up parameters for each connected device separately, this novel additional software communicates with and runs all of them.
  • It is the perfect tool for laboratories with complex operations and production applications alike.
gl optic power meter ecodesign


Single phase high accuracy power meter capable of integration with the GL Automation module.

  • Active, Reactive and Apparent Power measurements
  • Current, Voltage and Frequency measurements
  • Power factor and THD measurements
  • Input of up to 600 V / 20 A
ecodesign ekoprojekt, zgodność z wymaganiami ekoprojektu


Compact integrating spheres are not only made for laboratories, but are also equally suited to free office space or production rooms, where quick and accessible light measurements are needed.

  • Complete measurement set including accessories for lamps and modules installation and controller for self-absorption compensation. USB connection to PC based Spectrosoft software.
  • The Opti Sphere 500 integrating sphere was designed to accommodate complete optical measurement of LED retrofit / replacement lamps with typical sockets like E27, E14 GU10 and others.


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