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Complete instruments for measuring luminance distribution
GL OPTICAM 3.0 4k TEC road lighting measurements

LUMINANCE CAMERAS - a solution created to study luminance distribution

Luminance cameras, or in other words  imaging luminance measuring devices or meters, make it possible, in a very short time, to obtain a complete image showing the distribution of luminance, from which selected points can be analyzed individually. This is a significant advantage over traditional spot luminance meters, which required measuring selected points one at a time, consuming a lot of time.
Luminance is the most important quantity in lighting design and a key measure in road design and architectural illumination. It is also a measure that, in the simplest terms, can be defined as the luminosity (brightness) of the objects and surfaces being observed.

Instant luminance measurement

GL Optic’s luminance meters are equipped with a very high resolution camera. The system is pre-configured and ready for measurements in the laboratory, at quality verification in production, or during an outdoor lighting audit. The cameras are also equipped with a V(λ) correction filter, and each system, prior to delivery to the customer, is individually calibrated.

Automatic RFID lenses recognition

Pre-configured for high-speed luminance measurements in the lab and in production conditions, the high-end matrix system recognizes the selected lens and automatically selects the appropriate calibration file according to a “plug-and-measure” approach.

Thermally stabilized sensor

GL OPTICAM 2.0 and 3.0 luminance cameras are equipped with a TEC module for thermal stabilization of the sensor, which is designed to compensate for measurement errors resulting from changing ambient temperature conditions.
Luminance meter high accuracy luminance measurements

A simple test instead of time-consuming measurements

GL Optic’s luminance cameras, in combination with the analytical software GL OPTICAM SOFT allow the user to easily set up and quickly yet accurately measure the test points. Simply connect the calibrated luminance meter to a computer, which immediately displays the image being analyzed.
The analysis software will detect default areas of interest, show luminance levels, histograms and immediately display other useful data. The system helps analyze specific areas and regions, and even, when necessary, automatically makes corrections. GL Optic instruments provide high accuracy luminance measurements, at the level of typical laboratory systems.
Luminance Camera GL Opticam 1.0


Comprehensive meter for fast and precise luminance measurements

GL OPTICAM 1.0 is an imaging luminance measuring device that provides high accuracy, yet is affordable at the same time. The system is equipped with a high-resolution CMOS sensor, a specially selected optical correction filter whose sensitivity matches that of the human eye, and a lens optimized for precise luminance measurements.

Easier verification of production quality

LED module production requires a fast and reliable system for optical quality control. This image luminance meter can be integrated into the production line and testers of LED modules, displays and indicators, providing reliable and practical data processed by production quality monitoring systems.
Laboratory imaging luminance camera GL OPTICAM 2.0 4k TEC for a variety of applications​


A response to the rapid growth of consumer electronics

The ever-increasing number of touch screens and displays in household appliances and in vehicle interiors is placing additional demands on the precise testing of luminescent components. The GL OPTICAM 2.0 4K TEC is based on Sony’s monochrome CMOS sensor combined with a V(λ) Class A correction filter and a carefully selected lens. The factory multi-stage calibration procedure ensures repeatability and laboratory accuracy.

When colour matters

When various collared light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are used in a product, there is a need to measure not only luminance but also colour. To obtain colorimetric data, simply combine a standard GL OPTICAM 2.0 4K TEC luminance meter with the GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch spectroradiometer.
GL SPECTROSOFT analytical software has an option to combine luminance measurements with spectroradiometric measurement by correcting for spectral filter mismatch (missmatch correction). The result is the highest accuracy and all colorimetric and spectral data for the LED product under test.
Luminance camera road lighting measurements GL OPTICAM 3.0 4k TEC


Field measurements as simple as ever

Street lighting, pedestrian crossings lights, tunnel and airport lighting can all be measured in no time. The high-resolution, high-sensitivity GL OPTICAM 3.0 camera is pre-configured to instantly measure luminance distribution in the field for any application. Whenever you need a reliable, portable luminance measurement system, our high-end imaging luminance meter is ready to go with the “plug-and-measure” principle.

Verified for EN 13201 compliance

The intuitive analytical software GL OPTICAM SOFT instantly presents measurement results, including the installation’s compliance or non-compliance with the assumptions and requirements for a class of road lighting according to EN 13201. In addition, the software allows you to generate a report at the touch of a button – a feature that has not been available in any system on the market until now.

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