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GL BLOG is a blog run by GL Optic engineers, where they share their knowledge and experience in the field of light quality measurements for various applications. You will find here the latest information, technical tips, interesting case studies in the area of lighting and its measurements.


3 ways to accelerate vehicle lamps approval

Engineering teams need fast and precise measuring systems to accelerate vehicle lamps approval and introduction of final designs to the market.

Ecodesign obligations for lighting specialists

The Ecodesign EU 2019/2020 impose new obligations on lighting manufacturers, importers, measurement specialists and officials.  

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How to simulate irradiance levels indoors?

GL Optic measuring instruments provide file formats compatible with professional software for lighting design that holds radiometric data for UVC disinfection lamps.


gl optic ecodesign color uniformity MacAdam ellipses jednolitość barwy elipsy MacAdama (2)

Exploring EPREL – color uniformity

May 11, 2023
The concept of so-called MacAdam ellipses is used to describe color uniformity. The methodology for assessing color uniformity was developed on the basis of a study of the perception of color uniformi...
goniometr ręka

Measuring large luminaires safely

May 8, 2023
Goniometers are big and powerfull systems, that can measure large luminaires and need enough space for proper operation. To ensure safety, GL Optic’s engineers introduced couple safety features to pro...
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How to meet Ecodesign requirements?

How to verify road lighting quality?

How to measure automotive lamps?


gl optic light quality blog application note on fly measurements

Goniophotometric On-fly measurements

Goniophotometric On-fly measurements up to 10 times faster than standard point-to-point measurement mode.

low level illuminance measurement GL Optic light quality

Low level illuminance measurements

Specific applications of lighting systems require reliable, onsite performance testing for confirmation of compliance with the standards.

gl optic light modulation measurements application note

Light modulation measurements

Light quality plays such an important role in the design of human friendly lighting environment, designers and auditors need new tools to evaluate light modulation.

UV optical radiation measurement GL Optic light quality

UV optical radiation measurements

The radiation of UV light sources is used in many processes, it creates the need for precise, repeatable and fast UV measurements.