GL OPTi sphere 48

Luminous flux measurements in your hand

GL Opti Sphere 48 small integrating sphere Luminous flux measurement of small LED

Truly accurate flux for single LEDs

GL OPTI SPHERE 48 is an integrating sphere accessory for our GL SPECTIS spectral light meters for the luminous flux measurement of small LED chips and other small light sources. This integrating sphere helps to achieve an ideal light distribution and proper measurement of lighting power. Use this for luminous flux, radiant power, color temperature CCT, color coordinates and color rendering properties (CIE CRI; IES TM-30) of LEDs.
This user friendly accessory is an ideal tool for everyday work of electronics engineers and LED modules developers. This is also very helpful for purchasing managers or purchasing agents to select the proper components, or anytime you are in need for quick & accurate LEDs measurement.

Plug & measure

This small integrating sphere mounts directly on the spectral instrument providing the user with accurate and immediate photometric and radiometric data. The RFID code is automatically detected by the spectral meter, expanding the measurement capabilities of your GL SPECTIS device to single LED measurements.

Lab performance in your hand

Using this device you can get the results which are traceable to laboratory standards, enabling you to make smarter decisions regarding the LED quality and select the products you need for your development, or control the binning ( color and flux groups ) during the initial selection stage. You no longer need to ask the laboratory to measure these for you.

Confidence and flexibility

Working with different suppliers or buying different types of LEDs? Now you can easily check the light output and color of these components in a matter of seconds. Paired with the powerful GL SPECTROSOFT analysis suite, you can take it even further and performance extensive analysis throughout the development stage.


While working on next generation LED based lamps for color evaluation more than 10 years ago, our chief engineer told our development team “We need to make a tool which will be easy to use and immediately show accurate results of a single LED. We have to know what the light output and quality is before we install these LEDs in the prototype module.”
Since then, it has become an important accessory for electronic developers involved in the LED lighting who constantly struggle with optimization of the LED output, modules, drivers, selecting optics etc. Instead of selecting the proper LEDs for development projects based only on samples and the datasheet, you can use this sphere to verify performance, check if samples are meeting specification, quickly confirm binning. If your new module is tested you can also check the light output of LEDs simply by placing the sphere on top of each LED. The same works for LED strips. Use our spectral integrating sphere in combination with different spectral instruments for GL Optic. Check how our GL SPECTROSOFT binning and PASS / FAIL functions can help you with your work.

GL OPTI SPHERE 48 Features

Apertures for different size LEDs

Don’t let the small size fool you. This scientific grade handheld system can easily be configured with different apertures to accurately measure luminous flux, wherever you need it and for any application. An optional fiber optic adapter is also available for special applications.

Extended dynamic range

Measure high output LED’s with using an optional high signal adapter, available for a range of different luminous flux levels.

Special accessories for QC

For production or QC applications, use a remote trigger accessory that includes an indicator lamp that indicates when a measurement is complete. Perfect for a noisy shop floor. Use with GL SPECTROSOFT or customer software through the API for further automation.


  • Lumen – luminous flux
  • CRI – color rendering index according to the CIE
  • CCT – the color temperature according to standard CIE
  • Color – the chromatic coordinates of the CIE 1931 and CIE 1964
  • Fidelity and Gamut – method for evaluating light source color rendition according to TM-30 IES standard
  • PAR/PPF – photosynthetic active radiation measurements for horticulture
  • mWatt – radiation energy
    + many more!

GL OPTI SPHERE 48 Specifications

Luminous flux and radiant power measurement of single LEDs and other small light sources. Mounts directly on spectrometer.
Spectral range*340 – 1700 nm
Sphere inner diameter48 mm
Entrance aperture diameter9 mm
Sphere materialAluminium
Inner coatingBarium Sulfate (BaSO4) high-reflectance material (R98)
Outer coatingBlack textured finish
Reflectance properties97%
Auxiliary light sourceN/A
Spectrometer portDirect connection
Standards complianceN/A
Maximum DUT dimensions in accordance with CIE S 025/E:2015N/A
Maximum dimension for optimal measurement (1/3 x sphere diameter)N/A
Maximum DUT weightN/A
Sphere frameN/A
Sphere center positioningN/A
Mechanical breadboard with postN/A
USB source controller for auxiliary light sourceN/A
Universal post with standard lamp socketsN/A
External dimensions [W x H x D]52 mm x 88 mm x 51 mm
Weight0.126 kg
* Spectral range of the sensor. Actual spectral range of system may be reduced due to limitations of used optical accessory.
Note: Instrument, firmware and software specification are subject to change without prior notice. All information included in GL OPTIC datasheets and product information available in any form are carefully prepared and included information believed to be true. Please note that discrepancies may occur due to text and/or other errors or changes in the available technology. We advise to contact GL Optic before the use of the product to obtain the latest product specification.
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