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Modern technology in automotive, similar to consumer electronics and other industries, utilize LED sources and lamps to improve user experience and allow for more sleek and clever product design. Clear indicating LED and backlit icons as well as lamps in various shapes and sizes must be measured to ensure the color consistency, luminance or intensity values. GL Optic provides a range of solutions for tests and measurements of LED, OLED and other type of lighting products used in cars, trains and other vehicles.

We have big experience not only in verification of single LEDs, LED modules but also lighting assemblies installed in consumer electronics. Our plug-and-measure solutions help electronic and optical engineers verify components during the R&D stage and test the final product compliance. Complete, calibrated and easy to use instruments provide immediate measurement results of photometric quantities like intensity [cd], luminance [cd/m2] or lumen output together with a full colorimetric characterization to verify x, y color bins.

Faster product development

Stop guessing and start knowing all technical details of lighting components you use for your  application. GL Optic helps system engineers to focus on innovation not demanding measurements. We deliver ready-to-measure light quality instruments together with best-in-class software suite.

Improved QA/QC processes

Industry’s most versatile and easy-to-use measurement instruments for on-site quality control. No need to send your products to the main lab. Check components when you buy and verify performance during R&D and/or production.

Affordable standard compliance

Chose the right instrumentation for your photometric laboratory to save time and money by simplified performance verification process. Check our new models of Goniophotometer and Luminance camera – all at a lower cost of ownership than other leading instrument providers.

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Speeding Up Standard Compliance

Specific photometric tests and measurements are required by automotive and transportation lighting standards including Rail, Aviation and Marine lighting. GL optic offers a range of instruments for a full characterization of light intensity distribution, Flicker and colorimetry. Head lamps and stop lights must be verified by using an industry standard Type A goniophotometer. This system measures luminous intensity [cd] distribution in H, V coordinates and creates photometric files. This allows for the standard compliance verification.

A new GL GONIOPHOTOMETER GLG A 50‑1800 is a new model of Type A goniophotometer for full photometric characterization of lamps in H, V axis coordinates in automotive lighting, traffic and signal lighting airfield lighting. It complies with the CIE 121-1996 and IESNA LM-75-01 standards regulating far-field photometric and colorimetric measurement systems. On-Fly measurements of lamps are available thanks to the new faster GL Photometer LS measuring instrument. This device can also be used for light modulation ( flicker ) measurements. The goniometric system can be combined with the spectroradiometer GL Spectis 5.0 to include a full colorimetric (chromaticity) characterization of lamps.

Simplified Single LEDs Testing

Optimization of costs and sizes of components in industrial application is combined with the use of single and micro LEDs which are mounted on PCBs together with other electronic components. Often the size and the position of LEDs on PCB make them very difficult to measure. GL Optic offers a unique system that allows system engineers and QA/QC teams to use just one measuring instrument with various sizes of integrating sphere and adapters to support different demanding measurement tasks.

The GL Spectis 1.0 Touch + Flicker and the GL Opti Sphere 48 can measure total luminous flux and color. It is available with different apertures sizes and is an ideal solution to measure single LEDs even when the size and location of these is changing. The set allows for a quick color bin (x,y color coordinates) verification. The standard measurement head can be combined with an adapter to measure luminous intensity [cd]. Should point measurements be required for chromaticity group verification (color control) of side mounted or micro LEDs, a dedicated spot measuring optical probe GL Opti Probe 1.0.11 can be connected to our GL Spectis spectroradiometer.

Displays, Icons and Touch Screens

Touch screen displays, indicating LEDs and LED line illumination must be verified in order to keep quality standard and consistency. For this purpose a luminance camera, so called Imaging Luminance Measuring Device (ILMD) device, is most often used in industrial applications. Engineers use ILMD to check absolute luminance level [cd/m2], contrast, uniformity, cross section profiling and along path uniformity.

GL Opticam 2.0 is a new ILMD available with a dedicated software interface and accessories to test and measure various lighting products. Software automatically recognizes and marks symbols and backlit logos and icons of any size and shape. Available tools support detailed uniformity and contrasts analysis. Histograms, cross section profiling, iso candelas and many more practical tools are available quick and reliable LED luminance tests and measurements. For chromaticity and colour rendering properties measurement, simply combine imaging system GL Opticam 2.0 with our popular  GL Spectis 1.0 Touch spectral light meter or a laboratory level  GL Spectis 5.0  a high accuracy spectroradiometer for detailed LED spectral analyses.

Build Your Own Set

The products below can be configured together in different combinations as required by the application.

Automotive lighting measurements

GL Gonio Photometer GLG A 50-1800

GL Optic’s latest Goniophotometer GLG A 50-1800
  • Type A goniometric system for large lamps and LED modules measurements in H, V coordinates
  • Industry standard system for photometric characterization of any type of vehicle lighting systems
  • Fully programmable turn-key solution featuring fast photometer for on-fly speedier measurements and interface for peripheral devices integration

GL Opticam 2.0

GL Opticam 2.0 for luminance tests and measurements

  • Ready-to-measure imaging luminance meter for LEDs, displays and components
  • High resolution and clear user interface for immediate image analysis
  • In-vehicle luminance distribution, consistency and profiling of backlit modules
  • Optional colorimetric analysis available with GL Spectis 1.0 Touch

GL Spectis 1.0 Touch + Flicker

  • Premium spectral light meter for illuminance, color and flicker characterization
  • Self contained spectro-radiometer for fast and reliable LED light quality control
  • Extensive range of accessories available for different measuring tasks
GL-OPTIC-SPECTIS5-light measurement systems gloptic

GL Spectis 5.0

Laboratory grade, extended range Spectis 5.0 Touch smart spectrometer.
Use this high performance instrument for laboratories and R&D applications where detailed LED characterization is necessary.

  • For general lighting systems and specialized technical lighting measurement
  • Can be combined with Goniophotometer to provide colorimetric and spectral data
  • Extended spectral range calibration with the sphere system from 300nm for Total Spectral Flux
  • High resolution and low stray light instrument ideal for advanced analysis of SPD
GL Optic spot luminance testing in Automotive

GL Opti Probe 1.0.11 Luminance

Select this GL Opti Probe for spot luminance and colour testing:

  • Ideal for small size backlit objects and single LEDs
  • Pen shape with just 1 mm measuring point diameter
  • Fiber optic cable connection for quick and easy handling
Single LED testing GL Optiic flux and color

GL Opti Sphere 48

Use the GL Opti Sphere 48 mounted directly to the Spectis 1.0 Touch to form a portable flux measurement system:

  • Apertures for different size LEDs are available
  • Extended dynamic range adapter on order
  • Special accessories for QC/QA