Measurement systems supporting the vehicle lighting approval process.

faster automotive lamps approval

Lighting measurements in the automotive industry are a necessity

LED technology has already become a standard in the automotive industry. The continuous development of electronics is influencing the ever more impressive and daring design of vehicle-related lighting. Headlights and lamps, as well as displays and illuminated buttons of various shapes and sizes emit light, and consequently measurements are required to ensure compliance with standards and obtain approval.
GL Optic offers dedicated instruments for quality control of automotive lighting, both exterior and interior.
Our automotive lamp quality control systems help R&D departments in the automotive industry to verify components during the research and development phase and test the final product’s compliance with design and standards. The complete, calibrated and easy-to-use instruments provide immediate measurement results of photometric quantities such as luminous intensity [cd], luminance [cd/m2] or and luminous flux [lx], together with full colorimetric characterization to verify x, y intervals (bins) and help determine light distribution diagrams.

Faster product development in the automotive industry

Bet on speed and shorten your product development time with GL Optic’s innovative equipment for lighting measuring in the automotive industry. If you are wondering how to measure automotive lamps or displays and lighting inside a car, we have the solution for you.

Build your own test laboratory

We offer the most comprehensive and easy-to-use lighting measuring instruments for your company’s lighting tests. You do not need to use an external laboratory. We can help you set up your own test centre to verify components before purchase and the finished product before implementation.

Accelerated approval process for lamps

Adequate measurement systems in your photometric laboratory and in-house quality control procedures for automotive lighting will simplify and shorten the approval process and the necessary product certification.

Standard-compliant lighting measurement in the automotive industry

Lighting regulations for the transport industry strictly define how lighting in the automotive, rail, aviation and maritime industries should be tested and measured. To carry out lighting tests, GL Optic offers dedicated measurement systems for the determination of characteristics and colorimetric and photometric quantities. Meanwhile, the measurement results can be saved as personalized reports thanks to the advanced GL SPECTROSOFT software.
The flagship model of the type A goniometer in our range, the GL GONIOPHOTOMETER GLG A 50-1800, complies with CIE 121-1996 and IESNA LM-75-01 standards governing far-field photometric and colorimetric measurement systems. It makes it possible to determine the photometric characteristics in H, V coordinates for automotive lamps and headlamps, as well as all kinds of beacons used in aviation, for example. With the GL PHOTOMETER 3.0 LS + Flicker, you gain time thanks to On-fly measurements, as well as the possibility of measuring light flicker. The goniometric system can also be upgraded with the GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch spectroradiometer for full colorimetric characterization in UV-VIS-NIR range.

Tests of displays and touch screens

Displays, touch screens, illuminated buttons with icons, or ambient linear LED lighting that we encounter in cars on a daily basis must undergo verification to maintain quality standards. Luminance measurement cameras are most commonly used to test absolute luminance levels [cd/m2], contrast, uniformity, cross-sectional profiling or uniformity along a path.
GL OPTICAM 2.0 Imaging Luminance Measuring Device (ILMD) together with the dedicated software GL OPTICAM SOFT automatically detects and labels symbols and icons of any size and shape. The tools available in the software give access to detailed uniformity and contrast analysis, histograms, isocandela plots and many other practical tools for testing displays of all kinds.
Expanding the system with the GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch spectroradiometer or the high-resolution GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch laboratory spectroradiometer will enable measurements of chromaticity and color rendering properties.

Fast and simple LED measurements

Smooth and efficient LED performance measurement and component quality control significantly affect the progress of new product creation and development. Tests of individual LEDs are very often cumbersome due to their small size and position on the PCB. GL Optic offers dedicated solutions for bench testing of photometric and colorimetric quantities. The spectrometer’s unique system of automatic recognition of connected probes and integrating spheres in the ideal solution for quality and R&D engineers.
GL OPTI SPHERE 48 small integrating sphere dedicated for use with the GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch + Flicker spectrometer enables measurements of total luminous flux and color parameters. GL OPTI PROBE 1.0.11, on the other hand, offers the possibility of spot luminance measurements for small luminous surfaces in virtually any position.

Create your own laboratory

Choose the measuring instruments to suit your needs:
type A goniophotometer


Developed with the automotive industry in mind:

  • Type A goniometric system for measurements in H, V coordinates
  • Industrial system for the determination of photometric characteristics of vehicle lighting
  • Can be customized to individual requirements and customer needs

GL OPTICAM 2.0 4K TEC imaging luminance measuring device

For quick verification and luminance measurements:

  • Luminance camera for precise and easy assessment of touch screens, displays, backlit buttons and indicator lights
  • Measures luminance distribution in the vehicle, uniformity and profiling of backlit modules
  • High resolution and clear user interface for instant image analysis
Flicker measurement with GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch + Flicker

Spectroradiometer GL SPECTIS 1.0 TOUCH + FLICKER

For additional colorimetric analysis:

  • Top quality spectrometer for broad characterization of light parameters
  • Handy battery powered spectroradiometer with touch screen
  • Wide range of accessories available for measurements

We proudly support leading companies in the automotive industry:

Grupo Antolin | Audi | Daimler AG| Automobili Lamborghini | Automotive Lighting | OSRAM | PSA | Magneti Marelli | Varroc Lighting | Volkswagen | Volvo

Laboratory grade spectroradiometer GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch

Intelligent spectroradiometer with extended spectral range:

  • Ideal for laboratories and R&D departments where detailed LED characterization is required
  • High resolution with stray light reduction for advanced SPD analysis
  • In conjunction with a goniometer, allows access to colorimetric and spectral data
gl optiprobe solutions automotive transportation

GL OPTI PROBE 1.0.11 Luminance

For spot luminance and color testing:

  • Pen-shaped probe with a “stylus” diameter of just 1 mm
  • Connected to the spectrometer via a fiber optic cable for quick and easy operation
  • Ideal for measuring the luminance of small backlit objects and individual LEDs
GL Spectis 1.0 Touch + Flicker GL Opti Sphere 48 leds measurements

Integrating sphere GL OPTI SPHERE 48

Portable system for luminous flux measurement:

  • Small integrating sphere with a diameter of 48 mm for use with GL SPECTIS 1.0 series
  • Adapter for extending the dynamic range available on request
  • Excellent solution for QC and QA departments

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