gl optic ecodesign obligations for lighting specialists

Ecodesign obligations for lighting specialists

What are the Ecodesign obligations for a lighting manufacturer?

The document presents a set of requirements aimed at improving the energy efficiency and overall quality of lighting products:
  • the product needs to meet technical requirements specified in Ecodesign for example flicker parameters like PstLM and SVM, that did not appear in the previous requirements
  • the product needs to comply with new, simplified scale of energy efficiency. The scale from A +++ to G has been replaced by a A to G scale, to reduce the large number of classes with high energy efficiency
  • the product needs a new energy efficiency label that clearly display a set of parameters to help make the consumer an informed purchasing decision based on it
  • the product needs to be registered in EPREL database that display all quality parameters of lighting products for public information

What are the Ecodesign obligations for a lighting measurement specialists?

To meet all the Ecodesign obligations, manufacturers often face the need to implement new procedures in the field of research and development, production and quality control. This means that measurement specialists have new tasks to fill:
  • they need to proceed more detailed measurements to define all the parameters
  • they need to create parameter lists for registration in the EPREL database

What are the Ecodesign obligations for importers and distributors?

When you want to introduce a new product to the European market you need to register it in the EPREL database. In order to do so importers and distributors need to obtain the required data from the manufacturer or to be 100% sure conduct their own measurements to verify it.

What are the Ecodesign obligations for importers and distributors?

In order to make sure that only good quality products enter the EU market the officials should be able to verify the compliance with the Ecodesign Directive.