LICHT2023 Conference

On March 26-29, 2023, the European lighting industry will meet with representatives of the academic world in Salzburg, during the 25th edition of the LICHT2023 Conference. We will participate as an exhibitor during this event. We invite you to visit our stand nr 25.
Since our inception, we offer innovative and user friendly solutions for quick and precise light quality measurements. We support manufacturers and distributors of lighting products in the process of creating and introducing new products on the market. We have updated our small, tabletop goniometric system to even better suit the needs of engineers and technicians in production teams and quality laboratories. During LICHT2023 we will present the compact model of our C-type goniometer GLG 8-850, which is designed to measure small luminaires and LED modules. There is also a conversion kit to type A available on request, so it can also be used to measure car luminaires. The system can determine the light intensity distribution and colorimetric values as well as measure the luminous flux. The GLG 8-850 goniometer complemented by one of the spectroradiometers from our GL Spectis line and dedicated analytical software GL Spectrosoft creates a system that will speed up product evaluation and let the manufacturer save time and money by testing components and products independently.
During LICHT2023 we will also present our imaging luminance measuring device GL Opticam 3.0. It is the first in the world system able to operate in field conditions, which is invaluable when it comes to verifying road lighting. What is unique about our solution? Thermal stabilization of the matrix and hermetic housing in IP54 class allow to work in all weather conditions without compromising the precision of measurements. Thanks to active field markers and other accesories the measurement is easy and fast. Thanks to smart packaging, that allow to build a comfortable work station and including power source the system can be used everywhere.
The focus of LICHT2023 is on the dialogue between all involved in lighting. The program ranges from a series of specialist lectures to moderated panel discussions, keynotes that invite room discussions to practical reports. Over 120 speakers will give presentations in parallel sessions. These are lighting planners, lighting technicians, researchers, daylight experts, operators, measurement technicians and industry representatives.