gl optic luminance measurement road safety congress 2023

Road Safety Congress 2023 Cracow

Between March 1st and 3rd the Road Safety Congress will be held in Cracow. We are participating in this event for another year in a row.

Mikołaj Przybyła will be one of the speakers during the congress. He will give a presentation entitled: “How to ensure appropriate road lighting conditions in accordance with the current provisions of the standard and new design guidelines.” Road administrators decide to invest in modern lighting solutions that offer significant energy savings and are an opportunity to improve visibility on illuminated road sections. The optimal way to use the advantages of the new technology while ensuring the appropriate quality of lighting is possible when appropriate design assumptions are defined. Then, the project should be made, the proper execution of the installation should be ensured and there should be the ability and tools to verify the compliance of the investment with the project and assumptions. How to check whether the assumptions and design were correct, and whether changes were made at the execution stage that affected the performance parameters of the luminaires, and whether the luminaires used comply with the specifications.

The presentation will be about current normative requirements, national regulations and new guidelines for the design and measurement of road lighting and pedestrian crossings. We will also share conclusions and experiences from the last two years of road lighting measurements in various projects in Poland. We will also present interesting, practical experiences of various companies and institutions that are participants in the complicated road lighting investment process in Poland.