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3 ways to accelerate vehicle lamps approval

Vehicle lamps approval is a challenge since car lamps are becoming bigger, heavier and utilize more sophisticated designs. Engineering teams need fast and precise measuring systems to accelerate vehicle lamps approval and introduction of final designs to the market.

Goniometer for vehicle lights approval

When choosing a goniometer, it is worth paying attention to the components, like motors, gears and communication controllers, because those elements secure the speed, precision and repeatability of movements. The use of tried and tested components from leading suppliers ensure the quality of the whole system. The axis movement should be driven by servo motors combined with high precision gears. Handling heavy samples requires substantial torque, so only powerful servomotors should be used. Combined with high precision gearing it allows for finding the perfect balance between speed and precision, which is essential in the Automotive market.

On-fly photometry

Pairing goniometer with high speed photometer can accelerate vehicle lamps approval by reducing measurement time by up to 5 times! You need to make sure that the photometer can operate in On-fly mode. This means that during a measurement, the goniometer arm moves from one extreme position to the other with constant speed, while photometer is scanning the light distribution of a rotating lamp.  In the course of On-fly measurement photometer makes many thousands of measurements per second! Thanks to On-fly mode, a full scan of a vehicle lamp with variable light distribution can be done in less than half an hour.

The brains behind the system

Light quality measurements combine different instruments together and produce a lot of data. Without appropriate control and analytical software it just won’t work. Lamps approval process is based on defined measuring procedures, required by ECE/ FMVSS standards and recommendations. Proper software should include templates for the most popular test scenarios, but at the same time give the opportunity to create your own. Another feature that has an impact on speeding up the vehicle lamps approval can be saving DUT position presets and automatically finding the home position. Quickly generated, customizable reports are also very useful, software should fill them with relevant data automatically.
You can save a lot of time considering the use of smart and easy to operate system for vehicle lamps approval. Choosing the right manufacturer, which has a team of experienced engineers and extended support at all stages of the buying process can help avoid trouble issues.