National Lighting Conference, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland

National Lighting Conference (Krajowa Konferencja Oświetleniowa) will be held on June 6-7, 2019 in the Warsaw University of Technology.The National Lighting Conference is the main platform for the exchange of information and innovations in the field of lighting technology. Here Polish scientists present their research, methodology and results, which are passionately debated by experts from technical universities and scientific bodies from all over Poland. It is also an excellent opportunity for representatives of companies to present their results and discuss them with the greatest authorities in the industry.

Due to the cooperation between The Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB) and GL Optic the following article has been presented:

Badania wpływu oświetlenia „z bodźcem cyrkadialnym” na sprawność psychofizyczną pracowników zmianowych.

Abstract: Study on the influence of lighting with “circadian stimulus” on psychphysical performance of shift workers’.
Authors: Agnieszka Wolska (CIOP), Mariusz Wisełka (CIOP), Jan Lalek (GL Optic)


GL Optic has permanent cooperation with the Poznan University of Technology, so we can also present the article:

Opracowanie systemu do matrycowego pomiaru luminancji w oświetleniu drogowym.

Abstract: Development of an image luminance measuring system for road lighting.
Authors: Krzysztof Wandachowicz (Poznan University of Technology), Małgorzata Zalesińska (Poznan University of Technology), Jacek Dylak (GL Optic):


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