LFI 2019_workshop by GL Optic

LFI 2019 Workshop: Hands-on Introduction to Light Measurement & Standard, Philadelphia, PA USA

This course teaches light measurement principles and practices. We begin with terminology and key CIE and ISO standards, including LED concerns such flicker and bio-hazards. We progress to measurement techniques and processes, focusing on best practices. Putting this knowledge into practice, everyone performs hands-on measurements using professional systems. You will measure modules and fixtures, generate IES standardized files, and load these into lighting planning software, seeing the entire process from end to end, learning the real-world, practical aspects of lighting science. Each course module includes an open question and answer session to address specific needs and unique requirements of participants.

Authors: James Summers , GL Optic  Michael Gall , GL Optic  Ian Langdon, GL Optic

Session Type: Breakout
CEU: 3
Pre-Requisites: Beginner to Intermediate level participants from a variety of backgrounds
Date: Mon, May 20th
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Session Code: L19W05
Type of Session: 3-hour workshops
Session Level: Intermediate
Teaching Method: Lecture,Interactive

Learning Objectives:

Perform actual measurements using state of the art equipment creating IES photometric data files
Comprehend light measurement reports and how they are used in lighting design software
Become familiar with measurement terminology, equipment and practices
Understand how light is described and measured in quantitative metrics

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