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GL Optic will be present at Light Fair 2023 in Warsaw

On March 15-17, 2023, the Polish lighting industry will meet in Warsaw during the 30th edition of the Light Fair. We will be present during this event. We invite you to visit our stand D17 and to take part in the presentations planned in the program, which we will have the pleasure to deliver.
The Light Fair is the largest event in Poland devoted to the lighting industry, during which manufacturers and distributors of lighting meet with designers, architects and customers who want to learn about the latest trends in this field.
Every year during the Light Fair, GL Optic presents innovative solutions that enable precise and quick quality assessment for manufacturers and distributors of lighting products. This year, the novelty that we will present will be the compact model of the C-type goniometer GLG 8-850, which will be perfect for measuring small luminaires and LED modules, as well as car luminaires, thanks to the conversion kit to type A available on request. The GLG 8- 850 measure the luminous flux, determine the light intensity distribution and colorimetric values. This automated and compact goniometer is designed for everyday use by engineers and technicians in production teams and quality laboratories, to speed up product evaluation. In combination with one of the spectroradiometers from our GL Spectis line and dedicated analytical software GL Spectrosoft, which generates personalized reports and files in IES and LDT formats, it creates a measurement system thanks to which manufacturers will be able to independently test components and products, and thus introduce them faster to the market.
In addition to systems for measuring luminaires and LED modules, we will also present the GL Opticam 3.0 image luminance measuring device, which is invaluable when verifying road lighting. It is the world’s first fully adapter to field measurement system. What distinguishes our solution from others available on the market is primarily the ability to work in the field without worrying about the inaccuracy of measurements. The thermal stabilization of the matrix used in this device and the hermetic housing in IP 54 class allow it to work in real, changing weather conditions and guarantee the precision of measurements regardless of the weather. Additional advantages of this system are accessories that make the measurement in the field easier and faster to carry out. These include active markers of the measurement field, thanks to which you can easily mark the measurement field and transfer its view to the software. A power source is also included so you can work anywhere. The whole system is packed in handy cases that can be used as a comfortable workstation when taking measurements. GL Opticam 3.0 is a system that is already used by companies and measurement laboratories around the world. In Poland, it received great feedback from representatives of the Warsaw ZDM, who added it to their equipment base on the occasion of the modernization of road lighting.

In addition to the presentation of products at our stand, GL Optic engineers will give two presentations planned in the program of the fair. Krzysztof Jeżowski, during his presentation on the issue of meeting the requirements imposed by Ecodesign regulations by manufacturers, will answer the question of how to meet them and present solutions that help in this process. It is scheduled for March 15 at 11:00. The second presentation will be given by Mikołaj Przybyła and he will answer the question why it is worth and how to carry out as-built measurements to verify the quality of road lighting. It will take place on 15.03 at 14:40.