gl optic licht 2021

We invite you to our presentations during Licht 2021.

We are convinced that in order to create the most effective and efficient solutions, we need to learn all the time and have contact with the scientific community in our field. That is why we invite you to attend our presentations at the upcoming 24th European Lighting Congress LICHT 2021 which will be held online from March 21-24.

Together with our German partner JUST NORMLICHT, we have prepared two presentations that will be presented on March 22nd during the poster presentations.

The first presentation will be about the road lighting and its verification with our incomparable GL Opticam, 3.0 4K TEC lumimance meter which is the first in the world that is adapted to the field measurements.

We invite you for a presentation by Abdel H. Naji from JUST NORMLICHT on Monday, March 22nd  to STREAM 02, for the poster session between 2:00 pm and 3:15 pm CETSecond presentation on the proper characterisation and validation of UVC disinfection lamps and systems will be presented by our COO, Mikolaj Przybyla. The pandemic situation showed that there’s a new demand for reliable data and tools in order to design and install the disinfection lamp system not only in selected areas but also for entire rooms. The data files should include radiant intensity distribution measurement to provide necessary information on how the radiant power is distributed in the room. Our Gonio-Radiometric measuring system GL RID ONE UV can be used for the above purpose.

We invite you for the presentation on Monday, March 22nd  to STREAM 02, for the poster session between 3:30 pm – 4:50 pm CETThe 24th European light congress LICHT2021 provides comprehensive information on current developments in research, teaching, technology, design and application in all the areas of light and lighting.