We are presenting at the 2021 IUVA World Congress

The 2021 IUVA World Congress will be held online, on June 7-8 . It brings together worldwide academic and industry participants involved in all aspects of UV.

On Tuesday June 8th at 9:45 US/Eastern Time (EDT), Marcin Pelko, our Head of the Calibration and Research Laboratory of Optical Radiation (CARLO) will give a presentation on “The Proper Characterization and validation of UVC Disinfection Lamps and Systems”.  This presentation will include an introduction to the principles of the UV source measurements and available methods for full characterization of UV-C lamps and systems. Rapidly increasing demand for UVC lamps measurement services and measuring instruments unveiled gaps and pitfalls in common practical approach  in terms of performance characterization and validation.

The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) was established to provide a forum for the discussion of all scientific and technological issues that relate to the use of ultraviolet light. The focus of the 2021 IUVA World Congress  is to present the latest and emerging advancements in technology and research addressing the environmental, health, and treatment process challenges of today, as well as to discuss the current trends in UV regulations and new applications.