GL Optic solutions of UVC disinfection lamps validation will be presented at International Conference on UV Disinfection for Air and Surfaces (ICUDAS) 2020, on December 8-9 Online

The UVC radiation disinfecting capabilities of air, water and surfaces have been known for quite some time. However, the coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for the development of new UVC disinfection tools and validation methods. The effectiveness of those tools depends on the radiation dose in a specific wavelength range and should be tested.

GL Optic offers a range of solutions for the UVC lamp test and measurements and we will be presenting them during the International Conference on UV Disinfection for Air and Surfaces (ICUDAS) 2020. We will share details of the goniometric system that is able to measure Radiant Intensity Distribution for full characterization of UV-C lamps and systems. The spatial distribution data is critical for the design and application of disinfection lamps indoors wherever these products are installed.

Meet us online on virtual exhibition on floor two

We are convinced that in order for disinfection devices to work effectively and efficiently, they must be tested and should meet certain safety standards. Therefore, we are also the sponsor of one of the panels on Key Aspects of Validation and Certification which will take place Dec 8 at noon.Throughout the event, we’ll be showcasing GL RID one_UV system setup for goniometric measurements of UVC lamps
and GL SPECTIS 4.0 UV spectroradiometer
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About the conference

The International UV Association is hosting the first annual International Conference on UV Disinfection for Air and Surfaces (ICUDAS)  to bring together industry leaders involved in all aspects of Air and Surface UV Disinfection to spur communication and networking.

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