GL Optic Black body radiator

What is the Black Body Radiator and what it is for?

A high temperature Black Body Radiator is the ultimate reference source used for calibration of optical measuring instruments. The Black Body’s core heats up to a temperature of 3000 Kelvin and emits the optical radiation – the light of a very specific color and spectra. It’s the Plank’s law.In our CARLO Laboratory we use Black Body Radiator as a primary calibration standard in combination with the double monochromator to determine the color of light for each wavelength separately. Then the monochromator measures the calibration light sources – the halogen. Thanks to a such comparative measurements, working standards can be produced with a very precisely defined characteristics. These lamps are used to calibrate measuring devices.

Video below unveils the secrets measurements made in our CARLO Optical laboratory.Video was prepared for the International Conference “Lux et Color Vesprimensis 2020” and was a part of presentation “Calibration and Research Laboratory”, prepared by Jan Lalek and Andrzej Rybczyński.

Presented by Andrzej Rybczyński.