GL Optic supports first ROLAN 2022 Conference

The first international Responsible Outdoor Lighting at Night Online Conference (ROLAN 2022) will take place on May 12-13 2022.
“The exchange of knowledge between professionals in the lighting industry and the research community is the key to the improvement of lighting products, which is why we are happy to support initiatives that aim to connect these two environments. We became the sponsor of the first ROLAN conference on responsible outdoor lighting at night. ” – says Mikołaj Przybyła, Managing Director of GL Optic.
ROLAN 2022 is a two-day web conference and live discussion panel on Responsible Outdoor Lighting that combines research with practice. The main aim is to facilitate the much-needed collaboration and support needed to improve the quality of lighting products and expand research as well as networking opportunities between scientists, practitioners and manufacturers. Thirty-one renowned speakers will present lectures related to research and practice in four dedicated sessions:
  1. Losing our dark nights
  2. Best lighting practice(s) to reduce light pollution,
  3. Light pollution legal aspects
  4. The impact of light exposure at night on the environment and humans.
Participation in the event is paid and requires registration.