GL Optic is a partner of the 9th Krakow Road Safety Days

Current practice shows that measurements verifying the quality of road lighting in the place of its installation are performed sporadically. A precise inspection of the road lighting infrastructure, i.e. verification of compliance with the assumptions of the project, checking whether changes have been made at the implementation stage that affect the performance of luminaires, checking the technical condition of the lamps and verification of their photometric parameters are important not only from the safety point of view, but also allow to optimise lighting costs, which nowadays is one of the biggest challenges for road managers. Proper illumination of the road is influenced not only by the quality of the lamps themselves, but also by the type of road surface, its humidity and the colour of the facade of the adjacent buildings. Luminance measurement of a road section or a pedestrian crossing zone avoids underexposure or excessive illumination of roads, which directly improves safety and has an impact on costs.
We want to educate and make road managers aware that such measurements do not have to be complicated which is why we have once again started cooperation as a partner of the event -the 9th Krakow Road Safety Days, which will take place on May 25-27, 2022 in Krakow.
We invite you to a lecture entitled “Practical experience in measuring the luminance distribution on illuminated sections of M-class roads and the tunnel access zone”, which will be conducted by Mikołaj Przybyła. He will present how the luminance measurement in the field looks like, what are the appropriate conditions for such measurements and according to what standards they should be performed. He will also present practical experience gained while performing luminance measurements in the field for various applications, incl. assessment of the quality of installed lighting, verification of modern road lighting control systems or measurements of the luminance of various surfaces. The presentation will also discuss the issues of luminance measurement in the tunnel access zone, based on measurements carried out in Scandinavia. Our specialists will also be available at the stand, where they will be happy to answer all your questions.
GL Opticam 3.0 4K TEC is a comprehensive system for image luminance measurement with particular emphasis on the measurement of road lighting, in accordance with the requirements of the EN 13201 standard. Its innovative feature is its complete adaptation to the field measurements. Below, there is a list of functions that facilitate field measurements:
  • IP54 class housing
  • stabilization of the operating temperature of the measuring system
  • battery power source
  • measurement field markers
  • distance measuring wheel
  • a computer with software that helps to obtain results conveniently and quickly which allow to assess the quality of road / area lighting in real time
  • everything is packed in handy boxes, from which one can build a convenient station for servicing the entire system
The GL Optic team developed the GL Opticam 3.0 system in cooperation with the team of the Department of Light Technology and Electrothermia of the Poznań University of Technology, as a part of the SMART GROWTH OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME 2014-2020.
The 9th KRAKOW ROAD SAFETY DAYS 2022 will consist of three industry events: 2nd National Specialist Forum “ROAD SAFETY PROBLEMS 2022” , X National Specialist Forum “ROAD TRAFFIC ORGANIZATION 2022, 3rd National Specialist Forum “Street and Road Lighting – LIGHTING 2022”.
Participation in the event requires an entrance fee and prior registration.