GL Optic will exibit at the Light Fair 2022 in Warsaw.

“The Light Fair is the largest event in Poland devoted to the lighting industry. As a supplier of reliable measuring devices aimed at manufacturers, importers and lighting designers, we cannot miss it. " - says Mikołaj Przybyła, COO of GL Optic.
GL Optic has been a participant and a partner of this event for many years. “We will present the world’s first image luminance measuring device adapted to field measurements, GL OPTICAM 3.0 4K TEC. In addition, we will promote our CARLO Calibration and Research Laboratory of Optical Radiation, which, thanks to its high-class equipment, can undertake the most complex measurement tasks. CARLO is the only laboratory in Central and Eastern Europe equipped with the black body radiator, a primary reference standard for realizing the unit of spectral irradiance distribution.” add M. Przybyła
“As in previous editions, also this year we invite you to two lectures on the most current topics in the lighting industry. One will concern the measurements of modules, lamps and LED luminaires in accordance with the latest ecodesign requirements. The other will present our practical experiences in measuring luminance in the field. ” – says Mikołaj Przybyła.
The Light Fair will be held on January 26-28, 2022 at the EXPO XXI Hall in Warsaw. This event attracts hundreds of exhibitors and several thousand visitors each year. For 3 days, producers from Poland and abroad will show their premiere products. The International Light Fair is also the only place that offers such an extensive range of specialized training courses and presents global trends in the industry.
Admission for visitors is free but requires prior registration.