GL RID one UV has won an award at the 2019 LED Professional Symposium in Bregenz, Austria

For the second year in a row, GL Optic won an award at the LpS. A Radiant Intensity Distribution Measurement System for UV LEDs, GL RID one UV has been judged the winning solution in the Best Application Technology category.

While irradiance and total radiant flux measurement systems are available on the market, Radiant Intensity Distribution (RID) measurement remains a challenging task for R&D and system engineers working with UV LEDs in special applications. Replacement of “traditional” UV light sources with UV SSL demands precise angular intensity distribution characterisation as the performance of the system strongly depends not only on the wavelength but also intensity distribution of the lamps. GL RID one UV is a table top, complete turn-key system for Radiant Intensity Distribution measurement for UV LEDs.

Unlike other systems, the GL RID one UV includes a factory calibration and provides an absolute radiometric scaling of the intensity distribution data and diagrams. This ensures that the actual
performance can be verified during the development stage, when LEDs and accompanying components are verified and at the final stage when the finished product utilizing UV LEDs is measured.

The GL RID one UV system is comprised of the following instruments:
–> GL GONIO SPECTROMETER GLG 4-500 – a desktop goniometric system for Radiant Intensity Distribution and Radiant Flux measurement. The system combines the functionality of a
goniometer with the features of a spectroradiometer to measure flux and to check the angled dependence of the Radiant Intensity of UV LED modules and small UV sources. A unique laser alignment tool and the additional rails system simplifies the LED measurement procedure.

–> GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch – a laboratory grade compact spectroradiometer, calibrated for
irradiance measurements featuring a Back-thinned CCD array detector of 2048 elements results in measurements characterised by an optical FWMH between 2.5 and 3.5 nm. Spectroradiometers offer a low level of stray light equal to 2×10E-4

–> PERIPHERALS – depending on demand, additional instruments can be connected to the
setup such as programmable power supplies, thermal stabilisation systems and temperature
measurement units to provide full characterisation of a UV LED’s performance.
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