gl optic joins good light group

GL Optic joined The Good Light Group

GL Optic becomes a member of the Good Light Group, an international non-profit foundation which educates and promotes the importance of nutritional light on the well-being of people. For the last 10 years GL Optic has been actively taking part in world-recognized conferences, presenting topics related to Human Centric Lighting, and widely discussing the quality of light, its influence on the biological rhythms of humans, their sleep, mood and functioning.

The COO, Mikolaj Przybyla of GL Optic says:

“We are honoured that we have been invited to join the Good Light Group. This gives us an opportunity to share our knowledge on the qualities of light and to participate in the international discussion on nutritional lighting. We know that LEDs can help improve our quality of life, but unfortunately, when misused may have adverse effects. As a manufacturer of light measurement solutions, we feel obliged to enter that discussion and increase the awareness of healthy light.”

Mission of the Good Light Group
Good Light Group’s goal is to promote the importance of ‘good light’ for the well-being of people and encourage the use in buildings of attractive, dynamic, optimized and personal good light and demonstrate its beneficial effects. ‘Good light’ is the right light at the right time and in accordance with our activity and our personal needs during every day of our life. Good light is natural daylight or electric light mimicking natural light as much as possible, with beneficial effects on the human body and brain.

About GL Optic
GL Optic is a Polish-German manufacturer of precision light measuring devices and complex solutions and systems for spectral light measurement. The company’s offer includes intelligently designed, intuitive and precise measuring systems, including spectroradiometers, integrating spheres, goniometers, luminance meters and analytical software.

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