GL Spectis 1.0 Touch plus Flicker

GL Optic 1.0 Touch + Flicker meter appreciated on the American market

The United States Department of Energy (DOE), a US government agency that deals with energy efficiency and renewables, has reviewed equipment to measure the ripple of light sources. In its report it compared 7 portable measuring devices plus one application for Android phones. The devices were compared with Admesy’s stationary system.

For this purpose, 12 different light sources were used, each with different ripple characteristics. The devices were compared both in terms of accuracy of measurement of the basic units of ripple: flicker index and flicker percent, as well as the correctness of detection of the dominant frequency in the signal. Some sources were measured in maximum brightness mode and in 30% brightness mode.

In the case of three devices (including GL Optic 1.0T Flicker), the correctness of SVM measurement (stroboscopic visibility measure) to determine the probability of the stroboscopic effect was also compared.

The devices often differed significantly in terms of functionality. The GL Optic 1.0T Flicker is a fully mobile device, i.e. it enables measurements and in most cases the processing of measurements without the use of a computer. Additionally, it is equipped with a spectroradiometer and can work with different measuring heads. The measurements can be exported to a PC and used to generate reports.

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