GL Spectrosoft

Light Quality Managed Well.
Versatile, modular and upgradable software for quick & reliable spectral analysis.

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Graphical SpectraX
Results window with calculations - Color coordinates |x y|u v|u’ v’ - CRI, Ra, R1-R14 - Peak wavelength - Dominant wavelength - Lambda 2 - Purity
Basic Reports
Export / Import TXT Format
Chromaticity Charts
Advanced Report Editor - 1931 (x y) - 1960 (u v) - 1976 (u’ v’)
Window with Selected Results
Comparison Window
Binning Tool
ISO 3664 Measurement
Metamerism Indices (UV/VIS)
Luminous Intensity [cd]
MacAdam Ellipses
Transmission / Reflection
Scotopic/Photopic Calculations
CAD Integration for lighting audits
Spectrum Mixer
Automatic Measurement Schedule
Relative Measurement Comparison
Automated Pass/Fail
Adjust Spectral Range of Calculation
Ambient Light Subraction
PAR/PPFD Calculations
Photobiological Safety
Spectrosoft Automation