Bezpieczeństwo i energooszczędność w oświetleniu

IX Scientific and Technical Conference, 2018

April 24th, 2018 r. World Trade Center Poznań, Poland. IX Scientific and Technical Conference "Safety and energy efficiency in lighting" LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY 2018” (original title: IX Konferencja Naukowo-Techniczna z cyklu „Bezpieczeństwo i energooszczędność w oświetleniu” n.t. TECHNIKA ŚWIETLNA 2018)

The Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP), District Chamber of Civil Engineers from Greater Poland and World Trade Center Poznań have organized the Conference. The Conference gathers influential members from the Polish lighting industry: great authorities from scientific fields and well-known representatives from the business. The venue gives the opportunity to discuss efficiency in lighting and share knowledge from that area.

We are very proud to attend this exclusive conference and also be able to present and use our experience in saving energy. Mikolaj Przybyla will present the topic: New lighting metrics – technology and measurement methods. Read more.