new GL Optic devices modular technology


From 14 to 17 November 2023, two new GL Optic devices based on modular technology developed under the Intelligent Development Operational Programme 2014-2020 had their premiere at Productronica 2023 in Munich. The high-end spectroradiometer GL SPECTIS 4.0 M and the innovative spectrally corrected Imaging Luminance & Color Meter GL OPTICAM 4.0 M SC joined the range of products on offer.

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The primary goal in designing the new spectroradiometer was to develop a new modular technology for optical radiation measurements. The idea was to design an instrument which could be tailored to customers individual needs and still maintain laboratory grade accuracy.
Thermal stabilization applied directly to the detector reduces noise and the values of dark current, which directly improves the measurement capabilities of low-level signals, especially in the ultraviolet range (e.g. LED UV–C). The solution will also ensure independence from the ambient temperature in the application range.
The variable optical path module enables flexible adjustment of the optical properties of the system to the nature of the measured signal by changing the aperture and filters. This solution allows you to quickly adapt the instrument to your measurement needs, often eliminating the need to install a dedicated measuring probe for each application. All while maintaining calibration parameters for all optical path configurations.


The GL OPTICAM 4.0 M SC imaging luminance camera is an innovative solution on the market of luminance and color distribution measurements. A novelty on the market is The integration of imaging luminance & color measurement with a spectral distribution measurement in the range from ultraviolet to near infrared is a feature never before seen on the market. GL OPTICAM 4.0 M SC is not a standard imaging luminance camera since a single enclosure hosts two separate devices. The addition of spectral distribution measurements constitutes a rich source of supplementary information about the measured object.
GL OPTICAM 4.0 M SC uses matrix spectral sensitivity correction, which allows for precise acquisition of colorimetric information. As a result of the use of modular technology, spectral distribution and radiance datain the selected regions of interest is available, taking into account the appropriate spectral efficiency.
Dedicated GL OPTICAM SOFT M image processing software enables intuitive and reliable operation of the device, as well as quick processing and assessment of data from the imaging meter, Which can then be presented in the form of a customizable report. The new software allows for establishing a seamless workflow, which effectively simplifies an otherwise complex measurement & analysis process.