Measuring large luminaires safely

Measuring large luminaires is challenging

Measuring heavy and large lamps is challenging not only when it comes to defining photometric and spectrometric parameters but also to proceed the measurement in safety. It should be remembered that the rotation of the arm, with a large lamp mounted on it, needs enough space around and above to carry out the measurement efficiently and safely. Our engineers experience show, that sometimes the measurement process needs to be immediately aborted to ensure safety and that is why they came up with this innovative safety lines solution. They go around the whole goniometer. If something goes wrong during measurement pulling the red line stops the gonio. Safety lines are easy available from every side of the device and allow to react whenever it is necessary.

What comes in handy when measuring large luminaires

Another safety feature that help makes measuring large luminaires easier are banana type power connectors located close to luminaire mounting head. It prevents the cabels from tangling, ensuring better safety during measurement.
Mounting the luminaire for measurement should be easy, but sometimes the sophisticated shape and size of the luminaire complicates the whole process. Matching the mount to the unusual shape of the lamp is something that distinguishes GL Optic systems. Our engineers can create a custom made goniometer mounting head tailored to specific needs. This ensures, that the measurement of large luminaire will go faster and without complications.
Our experience shows that the correct positioning of the lamp have a great impact on how the whole measurement is carried out. That is why our engineers decided to include a manual controller to support user to position the DUT before measurement. This shorten the configruation time and ensure better safety. It is available with the large laboratory grade goniometric system GLG 30-1800.