GL OPTIC lux europa european lighting conference europejska konferencja oświetleniowa

GL Optic is one of the sponsors of the LUX Europa 2022 European Lighting Conference

We are happy to announce, that we are one of the sponsors  of the 14 th European Lighting Conference LUX Europa, which will take place between 20 and 22 September in Prague.
“Participation in such events is extremely important to us. It allow us to see the latest scientific knowledge and achievements in the field of light and lighting. It is a great opportunity to exchange experiences with other professionals in the lighting industry. ” says Mikołaj Przybyła, COO of GL Optic.
As part of the European Lighting Conference  Lux Europa 2022, two presentations will be held by representatives of our company. On September 21, as part of the panel on outdoor lighting quality criteria, Mikołaj Przybyła will give a presentation on the experiences and challenges of verifying the quality of road lighting using the luminance distribution method. On September 22, Marcin Pelko will give a presentation as part of the panel on photometry and radiometry, entitled ” Practical approach to application of radiometer for measuring and evaluation sources with different spectral characteristics of UV radiation “.
We will also be present in the exhibition part that will accompany the conference. We invite you to visit our stand and see our solutions.
The motto of the conference is “Light at the dawn of a new era”, which is to highlight the key topics of today’s lighting in the face of new challenges caused by a pandemic or climate change. The conference is aimed at a wide range of professionals, including lighting engineers, electricians, architects, construction engineers – working as lighting designers, traders, suppliers, retailers, investors, contractors, researchers, etc.