How to measure car lamps?

Automotive lamps become more sophisticated

It is common that headlamp integrate various functions like daylight running light, position light or direction indicators. Additionally new lamps are longer and heavier. All those factors pose a great challenge on how to measure car lamps? Testing equipment needs to meet those specific requirements. Engineers need not only larger but also faster measuring systems, in order to improve the car lamps approval process.

How to measure car lamps with a goniometric system?

According to the standards, we are supposed to test light intensity in specific points and zones of the projected light beam for each sample. These points are characterized by their horizontal and vertical angular coordinates. The photometric center of projected light beam needs to be aligned with the center of the measuring system to perform the test. Those kind of operations are easily done with the use of a good goniometric system. Goniometric measuring system should consist of not only precise mechanical and photometric equipment but also feature-packed software which allows to automate the verification process and analyze the data. The goniometer mounting table should move automatically to align the sample’s photometric center to the optical axis of the measuring device, such as a photometer or a spectroradiometer. The light beam should move across defined points, lines and zones, where measured light intensity is tested against defined margins. Car approval procedures define tests scenarios, which should be available in the software that operates the whole system. In order to measure car lamps, the goniometer system should be robust and powerful and it’s mounting table should be big enough to host large and heavy objects. The moving arm should be operated through precise mechatronics components, that enable superior speed and repeatability of movements.
Type A goniometer goniophotometer goniospectrometer
With lamp fixed on a mounting table and a measurement scenario selected, all that’s left to do, is to press the start button and wait for the final result to show up on the computer screen.