GL Spectrosoft Light Measurement Software

Light Quality Managed Well

Versatile, modular and upgradable software for quick & reliable spectral analysis

GL Spectrosoft Light Measurement Software

Powerful Light Assessment Software

GL Spectrosoft is a modular, PC-based analytical software designed for laboratory applications, field work, production quality control and for general light assessment purposes. With a range of powerful add ons, Spectrosoft adds power, speed and efficiency to your GL spectrometer. Whether analyzing field measurements, comparing lighting scenarios, or supporting production quality control, this versatile software platform provides quick access to all important information.

As purpose built light measurement software written for GL Optic’s measurement instrument, Spectrosoft is “the key” for all the advanced features of the spectrometers. It turns raw data from devices into powerful information. The software provides data in well presented and customizable windows (tables) and also in an easy to interpret graphical charts. Advanced features include configurable pass/fail criteria and structured reporting formats to simplify presentation and sharing of results. Spectrosoft Connect is included with all systems, other versions optional.

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Every Metric

Calculate, evaluate, present or report such parameters as: CCT, chromaticity error, peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, CRI, color coordinate values according to CIE standards, ISO, Metamerism Index, PAR, PPF, PPFD, photobiological safety, binning, MacAdam ellipses and much more.

Expanded Capabilities

With an extensive range of analysis, automation and reporting tools, the days of exporting data to excel to crunch data are over. The tools go beyond “standard” spectral analysis with options like color mixing, pass/fail, relative comparisons and more. It even integrates with CAD for simplified field audits.

Stay Up-To-Date

Spectrosoft light measurement software already offers best in class analysis and automation capabilities, but that doesn’t stop us from implementing new features and tools regularly. We adapt to the changing industry and deliver the metrics and tools lighting professionals need.

GL Spectrosoft

GL Spectrosoft

GL Spectrosoft Usage


GL Spectrosoft can calculate, evaluate, present or report such parameters as: CCT, chromaticity error, peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, CRI, color coordinate values according to CIE standards, ISO, Metamerism Index, PAR, PPF, PPFD, photobiological safety, binning, MacAdam ellipses and much more…


This light measurement software gives a user the opportunity to experiment using collected data: to test them (e.g. PAS/FAIL), to analyze them according to international standards (CIE, ISO etc.), compare them with other data (reference window) and make calculations using different parameters (e.g. counting luminous intensity values).

One Platform, All Devices

Spectrosft works as a plug-and-play tool for all our spectrometers, integrating sphere systems or goniometer systems. Our solutions are designed to scale with your business and eliminate unnecessary learning curves that come with changing software.

GL Spectrosoft Features

OS behind our spectrometers, optical spheres and probes

Spectrosoft always uses the right calibration file for the instruments (the software recognises a special coded system held in the measurement adapters) so the user is always sure that the program is showing absolute values (e.g. The measurement made with the set GL Spectis 1.0 and GL Opti Sphere, shows values of luminous flux in lumens)
Our powerful light measurement software offers extensive configurability and can be adapted to client needs (e.g. you can choose some parameters always available in quick window “selected results”, you can build your own template of reports or create your own layout according to the customer’s needs).

Data Storage

All measurement data is stored and available at any time for comparison with new measurements values. Save files locally in our file format or export to excel or word for distribution to your team or clients.

Constantly Improving

The market and standards requirements for LED’s are always changing, so why shouldn’t the tools you use? We maintain a close relationship with the market and standards committees and continue to invest heavily in our development so we can deliver complete light measurement solutions to our customers.

Spectrosoft Calculations

Spectral and Color

  • New color rendering metrics: IES TM-30-15 and new CIE 224:2017 Colour Fidelity Index Rf.
  • Human centric lighting evaluation metrics: EML (Equivalent Melanopic Lux) and M/P Ratio (Melanopic Photopic Ratio)
  • Colorimetric values: xy chromaticity, peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, purity, color rendering, correlated color temperature, CRI index, MacAdam Ellipses and Metamerism Index.
  • Photosynthetic active radiation PAR 400-700 [μmol], PPF [μmol/s] and PPFD [μmol/m2/s] and PBAR 350-800nm
  • Photobiological safety includes risk groups assessment wizard and detailed values including irradiance EB, EBK, ES, EUVA, EUV, EIR Eskin and effective radiance values like LB, LIRA and LVISIRA.
  • radiometric values: irradiance [W/m² nm], radiance [W/cm² sr nm], radiant power [W/nm] and radiant intensity [W/sr nm]
  • photometric values: luminance [cd/m² ], illuminance [lux], luminous intensity [cd] and luminous flux [lm]

And optical flicker metrics like:

  • Flicker Frequency,
  • Flicker Index
  • Flicker Ratio
  • SVM (Stroboscopic Visibility Measure)
  • Flicker Graph and FFT Graph available

Plus many more! Contact us for a full list of calculations.

Software Levels

GL Spectrosoft is a complete software suite to analyze, interpret and present your results. Choose the license level suitable for your needs.


Free of charge* license, supporting entry-level applications.

$19 / month
Connect and present results calculated onboard the GL Optic light measurement instrument.
Basic Analysis and Reporting Capability


Entry-level light analysis and reporting for users with basic light evaluation needs.

$39 / month
Download data, evaluate and present results
Simplified reporting system
Export data in txt format


Laboratory quality tools for advanced spectral analysis, comparisons, testing and customized measurement setups.

$59 / month
Laboratory testing and measurement of all type of optical radiation
Detailed photometric and radiometric measurements
Broad spectral range from UV measurements and blue hazard testing through the VIS spectrum, and up to IR radiation
Irradiance, radiance and optical power measurements
Photo-Biological safety measurements and data evaluation
Pass-Fail, spectral range selection, relative comparisons and more
Programmable limits, controls and triggers
Additional tools to integrate with lab systems
Automate peripheral devices like power meters, TEC controllers, etc. with optional add-on


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Software Features

For a complete list of features for each software level…

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