Photobiological Safety

Photobiological Safety

Artificial and natural optical radiation sources, including light sources, can emit optical radiation from outside the visible spectrum – from the ultraviolet and infrared range, which can be the source of serious photobiological hazards to human eyes and skin. Particularly ultraviolet radiation is the main source of photobiological hazards but exposure to visible (especially blue light) and infrared radiation can also be harmful, when certain limits have been exceeded.

International standards and legal documents (EN 14255 and EN 62471) put an obligation on lighting equipment manufacturers to inform their users about the phobiological risks connected with using their products. This information is especially required by employers who are obliged to follow the legal regulations connected with light quality in a work place.

Assessment of photobiological hazards generated by optical radiation emitted by lamps is a complex metrological problem, as it is necessary to perform spectroradiometric measurements and the measurement of effective quantities in a broad spectral range, which requires specialist calibrated measurement equipment.

During tests of lighting equipment which are connected with photobiological safety – irradiance, effective irradiance and effective radiance must be measured to be able to identify all the hazards to eyes and skin.

For this application GL Optic offers a compact laboratory spectrometer – GL Spectis 5.0 Touch. This a specially calibrated instrument brings accurate data from an extended visual spectral range of 200 – 1050 nm (the most dangerous blue light is present between 300 and 700 nm).

This spectrometer platform is also available in a rack mounted version for laboratory setups and is named GL Spectis 6.0.

GL Spectrosoft is dedicated software for GL Spectis Spectrometers which calculates: EB, EBK, ES, EUVA, EUV, EIR Eskin for irradiance and LB, LIRA, LVISIRA for radiance. GL Spectrosoft not only calculates and presents data in a clear to interpret way (charts/tables) but also generates RTF reports. Options for calculations concerning Photobiological Safety are available under the LAB license (or GL SPECTROSOFT PRO licence with the Photobiological Safety Add-on).

For irradiance measurements we offer Opti Probe 5.1.50 irradiance/illuminance. (The radiation quantities are calculated by GL Spectrosoft from irradiance values.) This diffusor comes with quartz glass fiber which is very desirable due to its high precision. For radiance measurements we recommend a specially designed telescope (available on demand).

GL Optic spectrometers and accessories always come to a client spectrally calibrated which gives guarantee of their accuracy and high quality performance. The above described instruments meet the requirements for photobiological safety.

For more information please visit our website: news-> knowledge base → PHOTOBIOLOGICAL SAFETY OF ARTIFICIAL AND NATURAL OPTICAL RADIATION SOURCES


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