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System Solution for Onsite Lighting Evaluation

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GL Spectis 1.0 Touch Flicker_performing Lighting Audit

CAD-to-Measure concept

This novel lighting auditing system solution is connecting CAD lighting design software with on-site measurements using special-purpose illuminance spectroradiometers. The dedicated software is supporting the verification process by using CAD plans as a design reference and audited real-world lighting levels and other quality metrics, identifying differences between the design and actual conditions.

New Standards Compliance

Lighting companies using the latest quality metrics in the verification process often struggle with onsite lighting quality evaluations and measurement of standards compliance. If you are working to Well Building Standards or progressive state regulations such as California’s Title 24 building code, you need to extend the scope of measurements. It all complicates installed lighting quality verification. There is a growing need for dependable, practical and efficient on-site LED lighting verification tools and practices that can bridge the gap between theoretical and actual environments.


When using your lighting design software such as DIALux you are able to export the designed illumination level grid to CAD format and share it with other people involved in the construction process.


Contractors and installers can use the CAD plans to exchange data and install the lighting installation according to the project requirement.


CAD reference data can be uploaded to a portable measurement instrument GL SPECTIS 1.0t + Flicker and allows for quick-and-easy onsite lighting evaluation. Finally, you can get your reports in a digital format too.

How Does It Work?

Today light designers are supported by advanced software tools which help them to optimize the selection and number of luminaries including CAD plans for installers. Problem occurs when you want to evaluate the installation after completion to ensure it meets all requirements. Hundreds of measurements have to be made, and it makes it almost impossible to make a proper report using manual measurements and handwriting.

This solution features a dedicated software which can use CAD design format and allows to upload the reference data into the portable measurement instrument GL SPECTIS 1.0Touch + Flicker. This way you can walk the floor with GL SPECTIS 1.0T + Flicker including pre-loaded measurement points and simply collect illuminance readings onsite step-by-step.

  1. Create Lighting Design e.g. DIALux

Use your DIALux software tool to create light plans which fulfill client requirements regarding illumination levels, style and architecture together with maintenance factors and glare ratings. When the plan is ready export measurement grid points with lux levels in CAD file layer.

  1. Prepare Audit File

Import CAD file into the GL SPECTROSOFT where you can see the list of points with illuminance [lux] levels. Now you can select verification points by creating new labels. Then the list of points can be uploaded to measurement instrument GL SPECTIS 1.0T + Flicker. If you work on a large project you can upload many different lists for each individual floor or each separate building for instance.

  1. Conduct Audit

Perform field audit simply by walking the floor with spectrometer in your hand and collecting measurements point by point from the list displayed on the screen. You can repeat or correct measurement during this process if necessary. You can also select different list when you visit different locations.

  1. Evaluate and Report Results

Upload the audit file to PC using GL SPECTROSOFT and create a new layer in CAD system with measured levels. Now you can evaluate differences on screen or use CAD system to present comprehensive report including designed levels vs. measured values.

AutoCAD_ies Audit Process DiaLux File

Verifying circadian lighting or flicker?

This premium spectral light meter the Spectis 1.0 Touch is a handheld instrument which covers all colour and flicker metrics in one device. You can use this for colour temperature testing, circadian lighting evaluation and light modulation performance tests. It offers unmatched flexibility read more here

Replacing existing lighting installations?

Imagine you are working on a retrofit project replacing sodium lamps in a large multi-storey car park or shop floor. You can create a mapping of an existing illumination level and import this data back to CAD system as an existing lighting layer. After that you can make your design and a new lighting level layer is created. Eventually you can get the Audit data sorted in a digital format too.

This new revolutionary solution will not only support designers but will also help contractors and building owners to generate more relevant information about their lighting systems.

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Modern Lighting Audit


Build Your Own Set

The products below can be set up for lighting audit purposes.

The Premium self-contained smart light meter

GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch + Flicker

The Premium self-contained smart light meter

  • Including dedicated firmware to perform Lighting Audit
  • Can be used as stand alone or in connection with PC
  • measures flicker of light in addition to lux and color values
    …all within seconds.
GL Spectrosoft PRO


Professional lighting evaluation and advanced reporting

  • Supporting Lighting Audit data transfer to and from CAD system
  • Calculation of effective values in compliance with international standards
  • Implemented effective spectral curves for circadian lighting
GL Modern Lighting Audit has been recognized as the “Best Sustainable Technology” at the LpS 2018 in Bregenz, Austria

GL Modern Lighting Audit has been recognized as the “Best Sustainable Technology” at the LpS 2018 in Bregenz, Austria.

The GL MODERN LIGHTING AUDIT is an innovative system tool which simplifies, speeds up, and excludes auditor’s errors during onsite lighting installation verification.

This modern technology solution is bridging the gap between CAD design systems and the construction site when lighting audits are made. GL MODERN LIGHTING AUDIT is an instrument and software solution to combine CAD design system with portable spectroradiometers from GL Optic to evaluate lux levels and other critical quality parameters in a digital format.

All performed in 4 simple steps:

  • Create Lighting Design
  • Import CAD file and create audit file
  • Perform field audit with spectrometer
  • Import back to CAD for evaluation and reporting