LED Lamps measurements

LED Lamps measurements

Preconfigured setup for flux measurement of LED fixtures

Whether you import or develop retrofit or new LED fixtures there are always many questions which you need to find answers to. What is the real performance of replacement LED lamps? Are they bright enough to suit my needs? What is the color temperature of the bulbs or their CRI and how efficient are they? Are the values declared by my supplier true?

Our solution will provide you with all the answers you need – just take the measurement inside the GL OPTI SPHERE 500 and check the Radiant Power emitted by the lamp. The values in mWatts are automatically provided by our GL SPECTROSOFT together with all other essential photometric values.

Anytime you need to measure:

  • Lumen – the luminous flux
  • CCT – correlated color temperature according to CIE standard
  • CRI – color rendering index according to CIE
  • COLOR – color coordinates according to CIE 1931 and CIE 1964
  • MWATT – radiant power value

… our compact and practical GL SPECTIS 1.0 and the GL OPTI SPHERE 500 are the SOLUTION you can rely on.

With its compact size the sphere produces results with precision you would normally expect only from highly specialised laboratory equipment.

Compact and easy to install this mid-sized sphere can be easily moved and installed on your desk yet it produces results conforming to the highest measurement standards
Easily-operated it takes only 10 seconds to connect this plug and play set to a computer
Universal included set of typical lamp sockets and adjustable sample post make it a simple solution for various measurement
Convenient the system automatically detects installed accessories and is ready to carry out measurements
Reliable at GL Optic individual instrument calibration comes as a standard so you can be absolutely sure that the produced results are correct
Exact due to self-absorption calibration system this set produces results with the precision of absolute values measurement of 2% for any size and colour of a light source measured in the sphere

The GL SPECTROSOFT software included in the package is intuitive, user-friendly, delivers results within seconds and features easy export and import functions. It will also guide you step-by-step throughout the entire light measurement process.

This setup, thanks to its flexibility, compactness and precision, will enable you to turn your desktop into a professional measurement lab. That is what makes it a perfect solution for luminous flux measurement of LED light fixtures such as:
– Typical retrofit LED lamps
– PAR lights
– Medium sized LED arrays
– Smaller luminaries

GL SPECTIS 1.0 and the GL OPTI SPHERE 500 are a necessary tool for R&D departments, manufacturers and importers of replacement bulbs, as well as for application engineers and developers for:

– Quality control of different lamps delivered by various suppliers
– Measurement of luminous flux and colour
– Energy efficiency measurement


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