ISO 3664 for color assessment lighting

ISO 3664 for color assessment lighting

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GL Optic is the brand name of Just Normlicht GmbH Germany the worlds’ leading supplier of standardized light solutions for printing and graphic arts industries. For more than 30 years Just has been developing the innovative solutions which are of the highest quality in standardized viewing conditions. Since 2009 under the brand of GL Optic, JUST is developing and distributing a complete product line of precise spectral light measuring devices.
This software option is a user-friendly, preconfigured mode for the assessment of the lighting installation according to ISO 3664. It features the option for illuminated areas1m2 as required by the standard. The software directs you through the measurement procedure by indicating where the GL SPECTIS 1.0 should be placed allowing you to simply take 9 measurements in the specified areas. The pass/fail function will indicate which of the 9 areas meet the requirements of the ISO 3664 standard. During the procedure the measurement values will appear in the chart. After the assessment is finished the calculated data is displayed on screen and you can create a printable report.


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