LED Luminaire Complete Optical Evaluation

Measure Luminous Flux, Color and Spectrum in Seconds

Complete Light Measurement Solution for LED luminaires

This novel solution provides you with all the answers you need – just take the measurement inside the GL Opti Sphere 500 or 1100 and check the Radiant Power emitted by the lamp. The values in lumen andmWatts are automatically provided by our Spectrosoft Analysis software together with all ophotometric and colormetric values like color temperature, CRI, TM-30 and other essential metrics.

Depending on your application you can choose our compact and practical GL Specits 1.0 or GL Spectis 5.0 laboratory grade spectroradiometer. Pair this with the Opti Sphere 500 or 1100, depending on the size of your products, to get the system solution you can rely on. Our spheres produce results with precision you would normally expect only from highly specialised laboratory equipment, in a compact form that can fit into any space.

Whether you import or develop retrofit or new LED fixtures there are always many questions which you need to find answers to. What is the real performance of replacement LED lamps? Are they bright enough to suit my needs? What is the color temperature of the bulbs or their CRI and how efficient are they? Are the values declared by my supplier true?

Universal and Convenient

The size of the sphere makes it the most universal solution for photometric measurement of majority of light sources: from single bulbs through LED modules to big luminaires.

Professional Grade

It takes only 10 seconds to connect this plug and play set to a computer. Included set of typical lamp sockets and adjustable sample post make it a simple solution for various measurements.

Easily Operated and Flexible

This setup is powerful enough to work as a real on-site lab so you will not need to send your lamps to any external laboratories for evaluation any more

Who is our solution for?

Our complete system comprising GL Spectis 1.0 and the GL Opti Sphere 20000 is desinged to meet the most demanding lab environments for luminaire manufacturers and developers.

  • Manufacturers’ labs for lamp and modules product compliance
  • Research and Development teams who need immediate product and component testing
  • Accredited laboratories for LM79 compliance testig
  • Importers and distributors introducing LED lighting products to the market
  • Technical universities and scientific teams who are researching, evaluating, testing and improving technologies
  • Horticulture lighting manufacturers

What Can You Measure?

Lamp Measurement in Seconds

The modern approach to LED lamp measurement recommends the use high reflectance coating spheres in combination with a spectroradiometer measurement instrument. At GL we provide a complete instrument system which follows the requirements of the latest CIE and IES recommendations on sphere spectro-radiometer systems.

Our spectrometers are individually calibrated as a system with the integrating sphere. The sphere is covered with high reflectance coating and equipped with an auxiliary light source for self-absorption compensation. All this is controlled by PC and our Spectrosoft tool guides the user through the measurement process. It allows for quick final product measurements and verification of standard compliance. We cover all European and American standards for LED light measurement in a user friendly way.

Stable LED Module Testing

When measuring LED modules, there is often a need for temperature stabilization and measurement as required by the standard. To meet this need, we offer TEC controllers and mounts for LED modules which allows for to stabilize surface temperature at a specific level or simulation of working conditions. This is an extremely useful system for LED modules manufacturers and importers for fast and reliable LED product performance verification. More information about TEC controllers here.

This setup, thanks to its flexibility, compactness and precision, will enable you to turn your desktop into a professional measurement lab. That is what makes it a perfect solution for luminous flux measurement of LED light fixtures such as:

  • Lumen – the luminous flux
  • CCT – correlated color temperature according to CIE standard
  • CRI and Rf– color rendering index according to CIE
  • Color Fidelity, Gamut and other according to IES TM 30-15
  • MWATT – radiant power value
  • PAR, PPF, PBAR and more…

Ideal for a range of lighting products:

  • street lamps
  • dental operation lamps
  • spot lights
  • replacement lamps
  • LED strips
  • Displays and LED arrays

Build Your Own Set

The products below can be configured together in different combinations as required by the application.

Spectis 1.0 Integration

The GL Spectis 1.0 is a compact and practical spectroradiometer that can be connected to any integrating sphere to create a complete solution for R&D departments, manufacturers and importers of replacement bulbs as well as for application engineers and developers for:

  • Quality control of different lamps delivered by various suppliers
  • Measurement of luminous flux and colour
  • Lumonous efficacy measurement
  • Measurement and stabilization of module temperature with optional peripherals

Spectis 5.0 Touch UV-VIS

Laboratory grade, extended range Spectis 5.0 Touch smart spectrometer. This high performance instrument can be used in accredited laboratories, scientific and R&D departments where characterizing outside the visual range is needed.

  • For general lighting systems and specialized technical lighting measurement
  • Can be calibrated to provide immediate effective values measurement like PBAR or Photon Flux
  • Extended spectral range calibration of the sphere system from 300nm for Total Flux
  • High resolution and low stray light instrument ideal for advanced analysis of SPD

GL TEC Control System

The Tec Control System is a complete temperature regulation and control solution offering:

  • Temperature stabilization of LED modules during measurement
  • Tp point measurement during tests
  • Simulation of different working temperatures

Opti Sphere 2000 and 3000

Our large integrating spheres are designed to bring full scale laboratory measurements to any lighting company and delivery results in conformance with LM79 and CIE025 standards for luminaire testing. Ideal for development labs or quality control departments to product better and more reliable lighting products.

  • Complete measurement set including accessories for lamps and modules installation and controller for self-absorption compensation. USB connection to PC based Spectrosoft software.
  • The Opti Sphere 2000 integrating sphere was daccomodates complete optical measurement of LED Luminaires and strip lights with standard mechanical stage to accomodate a wide range of fixture types.